Monday, November 21, 2016

14 weeks/100 days left

Wow where to begin this week!

My companion and I are working really hard in one of our branches that is a little weak and we are finding more and more people! Its so great to see the Lords hand in everything we do and everyone we talk to! :) Its also funny that everyone in this pueblo is related. Haha I always here "oh yeah he is my cousins brothers uncle.." all sorts of crazy Haha but I love it!

This week we also had a zone conference where Elder and hermana Martinez were g the guests speakers! It was so good to see them again! (they were from my home ward in Piantini) It was such a beautiful conference and they gave us so much advice about so many things! I wish I could tell you guys everything! But I will tell you one story:

Hermana Martinez was sharing a story about how she loves to make waffles for her kids and one morning she was making them and was so excited to be able to eat them. She put the mix all together and sprayed the non stick spray and put them in the waffle maker and when the time was ready opened it up and... yuck... everything was all stuck to the waffle maker... so she repeated the process.. with the same results.. and again... and finally went to check everything. The waffle maker was hot, she put everything she needed to in the waffle mix, and checked the spray...  and she noticed she was spraying insect repellent not Pam spray!!!!!! Hahah well, moral of the story is that we cannot expect miracles or different results when we are doing the same thing over and over again even with the best of intentions! If you want to change something in your life analyze what you are doing and put your changes into action. Ask God what you need to change in your life to see or receive the changes you need and want!

The mission is full of change and I love it! I am trying to perfect and change all aspects of my work and ethic so I can be the best missionary that the Lord needs at this time! :) If we have faith and TRUST HIM everything is possible! Never doubt your faith!

Also they gave us a vaccination for the flu.. and my companion and I both got the flu. Haha we have just been taking care of each other.. but all is good now! Hahaha

We are going to have a baptism this Saturday of a son of a family we are completing, his name is Sander!! He is so cute and he is so excited for his baptism to be just like his uncle who just got home from his mission! :) Sometimes it has been hard to teach him because he is always at the ball park practicing baseball but he takes out all the time he needs for the Lord! :))

Love you all have a great week!

Hermana Jenson

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