Tuesday, August 30, 2016

This Gospel is for YOU!

This week was a week like any other.. a week of Miracles! 

My prayers were answered and we had a ton of rain and wind this week.. not too much to do damage but just enough to cool everything off!  

This week I realized something that I already knew but on a new level.

I was sitting on a plastic chair soaking wet hiding from the rain in front of two Haitian families who were just feasting on the words I had to say, or should I say the words Wilson was saying.Wilson speaks both Spanish and Creol really well and was helping us all understand each other better. As I sat there I could literally see the spirit working in each one of us to bring the understanding and truth of this Gospel to these families! This gospel has no limits, Gods power and gifts are unlimited! And this gospel makes us happy! REALLY HAPPY! When we live how God expects us to live and we are clean, we are gifted with the means to help other people. It doesn't matter what circumstances you are in or where you have been. God just wants you to be able to be better than you were the day before or the moment before. And I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to help people recognize that through our Savior, they CAN change and they CAN do and be all that God wants them to be! 

I love this gospel with all of my heart. It is all that I am right now and I couldn't be happier! :)) 

Always remember who you are and trying to be like! 


we had a zone conference 
I hit a year!! :)) Yay

Monday, August 22, 2016


Hey Everyone! :) 

This week has been the hottest week of my mission every time I knelt to pray I had to fight to stay on my knees because they were sweating to much I was slipping and sliding all over the place! But there is a hurricane coming this week so we are praying that it will cool off.. I don't know if the rest of the people here are praying for the hurricane but I sure am !!!

We have been working with a few families that are Haitian and live next door to each other. This week with one of the families we taught the plan of salvation, expressed the amazing power and truths that families can be together forever, and at the end they accepted a baptismal date and they said a very spirit filled kneeling prayer at the end. When we came back on Saturday, they saw us coming and pulled out their chairs and had their pamphlets out and were ready with questions! I love seeing this gospel brighten up peoples lives! It makes me remember over and over again the light that the gospel brings me in my life! In working with a lot of families we talk about eternal relationships a lot.. and this week in relief society we talked about eternal relationships. I am so grateful for the eternal relationships that I will be able to have with my family, but more importantly for the opportunity that I have now in my mission to strengthen my eternal relationship with my Savior in heaven, and our God! I love them and I testify that they live!

I love my mission. every second of it! I hope you guys can feel the love of our Redeemer this week and can recognize the light the gospel brings each of us!   

Remember that Gods miracles are limited to our faith! Love, hermana Jenson
 Berline doing my hair!!! :))

My comp and I at the Bishops house!! So nice!! I haven't been on a couch in so long! Haha

Wilson and his girlfriend that is going to church and taking the lessons in Haiti!! Haha I love him so much!!

The girlfriend of Miguel Angel brought us treats to our lesson!!! Haha so yummy!! 

My daughter eating my mangos!! hahahah

Monday, August 15, 2016


Hola Familia!! Wow what a crazy and amazing week to be a servant of The Lord here in Piantini! I love this amazing work and I love my Savior! 

I want to tell you guys just a little more about my daughter Hermana Veliz de Peru! She is the sweetest little thing and has an amazing testimony. She and her sister are the only members in her family and her mom had a hard time letting her go! But she has not let any of that stop her from serving our loving Savior! We get along great, I'm teaching her how to talk Dominican and she is teaching me how to speak Spanish! Hahahaha! I have learned so much from her sweet testimony and example! I love her as if she is my own daughter. I do believe that she is teaching me more than I am teaching her, an example of this: We were contacting this week by intercom and this lady answered and my companion explained our purpose and that we would like to share our wonderful message with her, the lady rudely rejected and hung up right mid sentence. I was kind of nervous how Hermana Veliz would take it and as I waited for her response, she just looks at me with a smile gave a little chuckle and pressed the next button! She is so humble and ready to find the people, white and ready to harvest! 

So this week we had a noche de hogar with Wilson and some other families that we have been teaching, as I have been catching up with him he told me that he has been talking to his girlfriend (in Haiti) about the church and his conversion, and that she has gone to church the past 2 weeks and is meeting with the missionaries and that he wants to be the first couple to be sealed in the new temple in Haiti. He made hermana Moeller and I promise that we would be there! He is an amazing person I wish I could explain more to you guys how Christ like he is and that each of you could meet him personally! 


Have a good week! 

hermana Jenson

Monday, August 8, 2016

MIJA !!!

Okay family thank you so so so much for all the birthday emails I don't have much time now because of them but it was amazing to hear from each of you! I have such  great love for you guys!!! 

So I got my daughter and had an amazing birthday! She is so cute she is from Chiclayo, Peru her name is Hermana Veliz!! And oh gosh she is just a little ball of cuteness ready to preach this amazing gospel! I love teaching her the ins and outs of the mission field and how to love these people! 

We saw some amazing miracles this week the first day that I was with my daughter and a investigator form Haiti  who has been waiting for her passport for almost a year now so that she can get married and baptized...and pow it came on our first visit with her this week! Gosh it was just an amazing tender mercy. She will be soon entering the waters of baptism!! I cannot wait for her and her family!! 

I love the DR and all the people here! I love the mission and most of all I love my Savior! :)) 

hermana Jenson

Have a good week! 

 The weather has been crazy crazy crazy just like hurricane weather! hahah 

Me opening my birthday package!! And smelling perfume on the letter from my mom almost crying!


Monday, August 1, 2016


Holllllla!!!! Wow where to start with this wonderful miracle filled week?

We were supposed to have interviews with president about a month ago but he called us personally and said that he wasn't going to do our interviews with everyone and he would call us when he was going to meet with us. So we waited about 3 weeks until last Saturday he told us he would be coming to our house to have personal interviews with us that next day! So then came that Sunday, he came to our house at night and we had a good talk with us 3 about our investigators the progress of our area. (also had a good sit in my hammock!)  Then he asked to interview me first, he asked me to start with a prayer when I felt the impression to pray for us to act on he feelings of the spirit we had during our interview. It went great we made jokes and also felt the spirit talking about the miracles we have seen in these last few weeks in our area, then as it was coming to an end he just stopped and took long hard look at me and I just smiled.. didn't know what else to do.. and he said you know what, I'm just gonna call you to be a trainer right now! With a smile I just said OKAY!!!! Hahaha so tomorrow morning I will be getting my daughter!! I am so excited!! Probably the best birthday present ever! :))) 
So here in Piantini we have the great privilege to have the Area Presidency in our ward! So these last few weeks we had Elder Martinez an his amazing wife be with us to help us teach. Wow, what an opportunity to have a General Authority be with you weekly to teach. I have grown to love them and the amazing spirit that they bring every time I see them! This week as well, the new Area President got here! President Gonzalez! We also got to meet him and hear of his words in sacrament meeting! :) 
Saturday night we planned a noche de hogar with Wilson and all of the members and investigators that we have in that area. There was a new family that just moved in next to a member family and we invited them to come and share with us. We had a testimony meeting and everyone shared beautiful testimonies, even this new family! The mom offered to say the prayer at the end! Then my companion made a cake for my birthday and we celebrated! :)) Such a happy day! my compa and I had a really special moment after with Wilson, he just thanked us and promised us he would endure until the end.. that we would never ever be ashamed of his name. Then we all made a promise that we will all go to Haiti when the temple is finished and enter with him and his family! I just started to cry.. the spirit was so strong and I just felt so grateful to my Father in Heaven that he has given me this wonderful opportunity to be a missionary to meet these people and change my life! 

I will miss my dear friend hermana Moeller as she finishes her mission this Wednesday but I am so proud of her and grateful for her wonderful example! I love her so much! She is the best missionary I have known! :)) 

I am excited for the adventures to come! And mostly I love being a missionary and wearing the name of my Savior, Jesucristo every day!

Hermana Jenson! 

Have a great week! 

Read and Pray! 
We went out to lunch.. and breakfast.. for my birthday!!! Wow it was AMAZING! :))

Intercambios with the CCM!! Haha I love them! And most of all my companion! 

I did intercambion with hermana Pajarez!! She is the daughter of hermana Larson! So awesome! 

Our district.. the best district ever!!! 

Guillermo!!! Haha hermana Moeller saying goodbye to him and his family!

Last planning session with chinola, mango smoothies and popcorn!