Tuesday, December 27, 2016


No letter this week because we Skyped on Christmas . She is doing well and I have never seen her happier.

Breakfast at presidents house! :))

Christmas gifts and Christmas explosion! Hahah 

I'm a professional empenada maker! :)

Pretty sunset!

Monday, December 19, 2016


I love Christmas and I love telling everyone about this amazing time we have to think about our Savior!! There is a special spirit in the air at this time of year!! 
I will see you all in a week to talk to you guys and we can all talk then!!! I LOVE YOU I HOPE YOU GUYS ALL FEEL THE LIGHT OF CHRIST IN YOUR OWN LIVES! 

Hermna Jenson

Our little Christmas tree in the DR!!

My daughters!!!! hermana Veliz and hermana Neff!!! I'm such a proud mother!

I saw hermana Urmeneta at a Christmas concert in the mission home! 

and of course... a little pica pollo never hurt anyone! :))) 

Monday, December 12, 2016


Hola de Ivan Guzman!!!!... My new area!! Its really close to where I started my mission and brings back a ton of memories, hearing loud bachata (dancing) in the street that I can hardly hear my companion, walking down tiny little streets filled with people and climbing up staircases that I think were made about 288392 years ago and sharing the Gospel in little homes knee to knee with our investigators! I LOVE MY MISSION! 

My companion is named Hermana Neff she is from Snowflake Arizona, I showed her a picture of Chloe Ferre (my basketball teammate) and she said she ate lunch at her house one day!! Haha small world!! Speaking of small world the building we live in is full of ward members which is such a blessing and the members below us, (the wife) studied at BYU Hawaii the same year I was there and we remembered each other.. even smaller world! Haha

I'm now in a house of 4 hermanas... and I'm a hermana leader of the another house of 2 which, one of those 2 is my other "daughter" in the mission, hermana Veliz! I'm super happy! all of the hermanas I'm with are super new in the mission and it makes me feel SUPER OLD!! 

This area is huge and has so much potential but as of right now we don't have too much going on, so this week my companion and I have hit our knees and given everything to the Lord and then gotten on our feet and have been guided by Him, to His elect! My companion is a super hard worker!! This week when touching some doors.. no one was answering.. so we touched more doors and tried talking to more and more people when finally we had touched all the doors in a whole area.  We were at the last floor of the building but I felt that we should still go up the stairs, so we did, and sure enough there was Yaquelin hanging up her clothes to dry, my companion and I dropped everything and started to help her and get to know her. Turns out she has been looking for a church and is unemployed at the moment(how convenient) we taught her a little bit and left her with a pamphlet and put a cita(appointment) to return! when we got back later that week she introduced us to her husband and they are both now progressing in the gospel! We can't wait to keep helping them come unto Christ and find His everlasting Joy!!!!!!

 I LOVE YOU ALL !! wish I could share all about my week but it will have to wait!! Haha 

Have a good week! Fill the world with the light of Christ!! 

My Companion

RICE !!!

Ward Christmas party

Don't worry mom I haven't changed too much!!! Haha

  New district!! And my girls!!


Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Wow this week has been an emotional roller coaster for me and my companion! We were able to see many miracles! 

One of our investigators this week told us that she had received her answer and was ready to get married and finally came to church this Sunday! I really have never seen someone so happy before to really receive and answer. And to see her so happy made me so happy, along with her 3 children!! :))) Yay for the gospel that makes us happy! :)) 

This Thursday night I received a call from my mission president. He first called me to be an hermana lider. (or a sister leader) As I accepted, he then said, well there is a wrinkle in this... I'm also going to take you and your companion out of this area because there is a lack of hermanas in the mission. So my companion and I have been packing and cleaning like never before and saying goodbye the the whole world here. It has been so emotional for the two of us but also the branches! But this has really helped me realize that the Lord has a plan for us! I love Him and I'm so ready to love this change that He has given me!! 

More to come in the next week of all the new stuff!! 

Hermana Jenson!!

el bautismo de Sander, familia complete!! :)))



Treat for lunch

Mmmm puerquito !!! (pork)


CHIVO (goats)