Monday, January 25, 2016



Of course another amazing week!! As always! :) 

This week we had Elder Maynes come and speak with us from the Presidency of the Seventy! Wow he is the best super funny he was always cracking a joke but at the same time so super spiritual! We learned so much and were definitely uplifted! He talked about so many things but one thing I really want to share that I loved is.. he talked about the photo of  Joseph Smith, when Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father appeared to him, and in this moment of this picture represents each and every single one of us. As we have our own personal conversion. At one point Joseph was an investigator and had questions... every single person needs to pass through this same process, to have their own personal conversion to the Gospel. I encourage you guys, even if you already have received an answer,  and especially if you haven't, to read the Joseph Smith History, then start the Book of Mormon, and pray. I promise you with all my heart that you will receive an undeniable answer! :) I have and I know that this church is true!!! And nothing could make me happier! :) 

This week we found a new family the familia Obando, and wow they are so prepared, they are seriously feasting on the words we have to say to them. They never want us to leave the house and just keep asking us questions! It seriously is the best feeling in the whole world, having someone want to hear this message so badly! :)) 

Well I had a lot more to tell you guys this week but you know me, I forgot my agenda... :) silly me! But I really just want to thank you all for everything I have such an amazing family and friends and I couldn't feel more loved! :)) I love you and pray for you all!! :))) 

I love being a representative of Jesus Christ, and this Gospel.. I know its true and I know that our Savior Lives! :)))

have a good week!!! 

con amor

Hermana Jenson

This is Haiti and her lovely eggplant meal that she made for us!! :)) It really wasn't that great but she is cute and so is her family so i ate it! :) hahahaha

Look who I found at the conference!! My mom!! :)) sweet sweet reunion with Hermana Echard!!! 

This is Christopher... my little child that loves the Book of Mormon... turns out that we have the same birthday!! HOW COOL! :))) HE JUST MAKES ME SO STINKING HAPPY!! 

More pictures of Hermana Echard... sorry! But we were just so happy! 

On our way to another conference with the hijas de Melvin y Haiti!:)) 

This is my comp with her wet pillow.... we were joking around and I might have accidentally dropped her pillow 3 stories out our window and we had to go ask our neighbors for it... all they did was laugh...!! Hahaha oops! But don't worry we are still getting along! :)) 

Monday, January 18, 2016

La extra milla THE EXTRA MILE!

Buenas!!! como esta todo?!? 

WOW another great week! I seriously learn so much everyweek! I love the mission so much! Thank you all for your incredible support love and prayers!! They do not go unnoticed!!!  :) 

*Hermana Barrett got bird poop in her hair.. bahah 
*We got to see President and Hermana Nuckols 3 times this week
*I made invitations for a conference for our whole stake
*My spanish is getting so much better
*I almost got kissed twice this week...
*We found 2 new really amazing familias! 
*This has been the hottest week yet! 
*Got to do tons of service! :)))))) 

This week we got a phone call in the morning from Presidente Nuckols... don don don... but it was for my companion.. he had the news that one of her investigators from her old area was getting baptized and he had personally called president and told him he wouldn't get baptized unless she was there.. so he called to give her permission to go.. needless to say we were running around yelling with joy all morning!! :)) But this being said, we had set some goals that were pretty much impossible to reach with the time taken out to go to the baptism but we were determined to reach them! So the few days before the baptism.. we worked all day super extra hard.. only took the minimum time we could to eat and were right back at it working and teaching as much as we could (we are pretty much starting over new, because none of our old investigators are progressing right now,so we are looking and looking and talking to every person!) We prayed so hard and never stopped walking I got a hole in my shoe this week! Needless to say The Lord is blessing us for our work here.. we made all of our goals this week!!! And got to go to the  most spiritual baptism! :) Wow this alone was a mirical! :) Really we may not be seing people be baptised or progressing as much as we want in this area right now but I am seeing a change in myself and seeing The Lords hand in everything we are doing! HE LIVES! :)) I know that as long as we do all that we can do He will take care of the rest and right now that is exactly what my companion and I are doing! I love this gospel and I know that it is true, I feel extremely blessed to have my membership in this perfect and amazing Gospel! :))  I love you guys!! :))) remember to pray!! :))) and read your scriptures! :)) 
con amor hermana Jenson.
P.S. Addition ///I asked Rachel about the kisses and this was her reply:
Oh hahah so we were contacting some guy on the street and he was just being really flirty.. like every guy here, just cause I"m a rubia.. and we shook his hand to leave and hermana Barrett went first and started walking away.. and he grabbed my hand and tried to go in to kiss me and I was trying to pull away and was yelling HERMANA HERMANA!! But she wasn't paying attention and just kept walking so I just pulled really hard on my hand and ran away.. haha it was super awkward and funny and crazy!! hahahaa
This is Alan, we are best buds :)))

Our new zone!
noche de hogar con la familia Montero... haha and Tacos!!!Wahooo! 

Hermana Barrett and I found a family with dogs just like our dogs at home and they let us take a picture..!!

This is us with some broken pesos!! haha fun house activities

I ATE AT WENDYS... after we had introvistas con Presidente!! :)) I was so happy!! 

If you look really close you can see the bird poop in hermana Barretts hair!! hahah 

Silly faces with my housemates!! Love them! haha

Hermana Monks and I twinning!! and in each others clothes.

We climb this mountain everyday. 
Isn't it beautiful? :)))

Monday, January 11, 2016

¡¡¡¡eres un hijo de Dios!!!! (translation: YOU are a Child of God)

HOLA familia y amigos!! les quiero mucho!! espero que todo bien! :)))

Another amazing and adventurous week in the mission as a representative of Jesus Christ!! :))

Played more basketball... I love my comp.. she always gets me into b-ball situations.
Funny story.. so we bought this fruit.. called china.. and we were eating it on the street.. and I had half of mine left and my comp was eating her second half, and this homeless guy was walking by us, and then swerved and stopped us like right in our tracks right in front of our faces and was like mumbling.. MUMBLER. Then asked us for our money, my comp was like sorry we don't have any, and then he was like well okay give me your china, and my comp goes to give him hers, and he was like... no I want hers. (mine) So I hand it to him and he just walks away.... BAHAHAH!! so I thought I was going to get robbed and it was just my fruit! I hope he enjoyed it!! haha

So we have been finding a lot of new people and exploring our area so much more because some of our investigators aren't progressing as much anymore.. and wow I love it. The work is really progressing!! Meeting new people and working with the members so so so much more!! EVERY MEMBER A MISSIONARY!! Haahah please help with the missionaries.. or give a reference! haha (I sound like a total missionary) bahah!

I am learning so much from my comp about the gospel and about the Latin culture and everything cooking eating and speaking Spanish.. haha everything.. its hilarious. I have never eaten so much in my entire life..but its all SO good. I think I'm going to gain some pounds this transfer.. hahahah

Well a little message that I want to share with you guys that we shared with everyone we talked to is: That you are a beloved child of God! Did you know that?!' what does that really mean to you to be a child of the Most High God!? Sometimes we hear that so much that it becomes numb to us and we don't really recognize its significance.. but this week as we decided to share this message with everyone I really have come to recognize the significance and feel His love for His children!! I KNOW WE ARE CHILDREN OF GOD! "Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God.." 1 John 3:1 Knowing that you are created and loved by Him... Who does that make you want to be? How does that make you want to do? How does that make you look at others? How do you look at yourself? These are the questions I have pondered this week, and want you guys to really ponder and study what it means to be a child of God! :))

YOU GUYS,,,,, I know this church is true, with all my heart!! I love it so much!!!

Love you guys have a good week!!

con mucho amor

hermana Jenson

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Her first Transfer

Last pic of Hermana Echard and I before she left!!!

My new companion and I in a super rich area of our area!! :))) 

Did some deep cleaning for the New Year! Yeah (What!!! Is that my Rachel, the mission has truly changed her)

The first thing of recycling I've seen since I've been here.. no one recycles here.... well no one uses trash cans for that matter.. hahah so yeah it was a miracle. 

Our water was shut off for most of the week so we went on the roof to take water out of the tanks.. long complicated story.. we ended up all soaking wet and had a water fight.. probably should have saved the water.. but we got it back on and going!! Hooorah! I'm grateful for my mother that taught me little crafty ways to fix things..it sure has come in handy!

This is a cute little buggie that we found that someone was fixing up in our area.. and we talked about going surfing.. haha my new comp and I both share such a love for the beach its so fun!! 


HOLA FAMILIA MIA!!! COMO ESTAN?!? espero que todo bien! :)))

Wow what an amazing week of reflection, growing, goal setting, learning, and serving!! :)))

First off I"ll start with transfers... I left my mom.. Wow it was a sad moment because we had gotten so close and had not only a relationship on a personal level but a strong one as well and this is what made us so close! :))

But I also got a new companion.. MY STEP MOM! HERMANA BARRETT! She is from Puerto Rico.. She was a professional swimmer before the mission.. she has a sister and a dog.. she is 21 almost 22... and has a personality of GOLD! Really she is so funny and sarcastic but at the same time has a love for our Savior and so much respect for her calling that its contagious! I seriously love her so much already and I'm looking forward to learning and working with her and the people of La Yuca! :)))

This is actually what I want to talk about today.. HAPPINESS... like I have said many times before the happiest I have ever been is in my mission, this is the best thing I've ever done and the best decision I have ever made! :) But at the same time it hasn't been the easiest... this week I really didn't want to say goodbye to hermana Echard.. and the first couple days for me with my new companion were hard just cause things were different than I was used to.. but then I started to realize that I was making it hard for myself it was my mentality.. When I realized that and started to change my mentality for the better.. I realized such a difference. I am so much happier, lively, positive.. everything! We are like this in the gospel.. sometimes we have some things that hold us back, mostly worldly things.. that we don't want to let go of and weigh us down, but when we do and we start to change and use the Atonement in our process of change we can have the happiness that Our Father in Heaven hopes for us! He always has something better waiting for us..because He can see the whole picture, and knows us completely! All of this change depends on us and our decision to do so! Happiness is a choice!! Change is a choice!! I testify that through the atonement of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ everything is possible and we can become the people that He wants us to become, I feel everyday His hand in my life changing me and changing the people here in La Yuca! In this new year I hope that we can participate in this and change for the better and have happiness in our lives in every way!!!

I love you all so much thank you for everything!!! :)))

hermana jenson

I forgot to tell you one of my highlights from this week! So we were contacting in a new part of our area.. and there were two boys playing basketball in the street and my companion knows that I love basketball and she asked if I wanted to get 2 more contacts and kind of gave me a smirk.. of course I said yes.. So we went and introduced our selves and she whispered something to one of them and then he passed me the ball.  Ha ha I shot probably like 10 shots and made them all... hahaha. It was so funny, in my dress.. and they were all impressed and now we have two new investigators! :)) Hah and also I played basketball with the bishop and some of the young men from our ward.. and they were all dying laughing cause I could play basketball.. they like couldn't believe it! Haha just some fun things from this week!!

love you guys!!!!