Monday, July 25, 2016



 First off please forgive me for not writing an email last week! :)
 Another amazing week this week in the service of our Savior! I love
being a missionary and putting that plaque on every day! :)

 So, so many things have happened this week and I don't even know where to start!

 This week we had a lesson with Miguel who will be baptized this coming
27th of August! He is a changed man, we had a lesson with him and 3
members in the chapel, talk about having the spirit in a lesson!
I felt the strong impression to change our lesson plan and to have
each of us share our favorite scripture and why, and share our
testimony of it! Wow... such a touching experience for me to see
members from all different walks of life explain how personally the
 Book of Mormon has changed their lives. How these prophets of old have
written these words specifically for them and it has changed them! They are HAPPY because of it!  Miguels testimony was the sweetest.. he said that
before he started to meet with us he couldnt sleep at night and was
completely worried about all of these problems going on in his life!
Then he explained that he started to pray for the first time in his
life and read the Book of Mormon and hand these problems over to the
Lord everyday and night.. that he has a hard time waking up to his
alarm! Haha and even though he has the exact same problems he is
I love being a missionary and seeing this gospel change peoples lives! And seeing these people change for the better. I am trying as hard as I
can to be an istrument in His hands.. it is changing me also! 
I love this place these people and this Gospel!!!

 Transfers are next week!! I'll let you all know how it goes!! :))) Love you all!!

hermana Jenson
This is the Colonial Zone!!! It's amazing where Cristofer Colon (Christopher Columbus) came to the new world!! These are pictures of the first church and the first street in all of the NEW WORLD or the Americas!" SUPER COOL!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016



Rachel did not write a letter this week and only had a short time online. We got to chat for just a little bit, but she is doing great, LOVES her compania and the days are long long long and super busy. She says they are having trouble finding investigators and just running around a lot trying to get things organized.
Next week will be her 11 months out and only 7 months left to go. (but who's counting)

Be prepared for next week she says that there will be tons of pictures and hopefully a long letter.

Monday, July 11, 2016



First things first, I won't have a p-day until next Tuesday because I am going to the zona colonial! Its a tourist thing! It'll be cool! So pics to come! :)) 

This week was amazing and I love everything about the mission! I love being a servant of The Lord!

So here in the capital it's really hard to find investigators by just contacting so my companion and I have been working really hard to work and get to know the members to receive references! We had the coolest experience yesterday! We went to the familia Melendez as we began to get to know them we asked them how they met, and how they were able to come to the knowledge of this amazing gospel they explained that they have been members for a very long time and started to tell us the story. The missionaries knocked on their door and their whole family was baptized a family of 6! Then explained that there is a book that I was able to read before my mission about the history of the Church in the DR.. and the wife left, brought me the book.. and showed me.. they are stars of this book! They are a huge part of why the church has grown so much in this amazing place! He is now a sealer in the temple and their 2 sons have served missions and they all have families strong in the Gospel! What an amazing privilege I have to serve these wonderful people and help the church grow here! :)) 

Wilson received the priesthood this week! :))) We visited him on Tuesday and he told us that receiving the Holy Ghost has brought him a whole new hunger to learn of the Gospel! He has now in this week restarted the Book of Mormon and wrote a resumen (OVERVIEW) verse by verse and is in the middle of Alma! He is so great! :)) 

It's really hot hot hot here! Haha.  I sweat just blinking my eyes! Haha but its great! 

Hope you guys all have a great week! I love you all! :)) 



This is my new zone

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


I don't really know where to start on such a beautiful spiritual week! But just to say that I know that my Savior lives!

The first experience that I would love to share with you guys is on Thursday morning my companion and I had the opportunity to meet Wilson at the temple to have a lesson! We got there and he showed up in a white shirt and tie as we walked up to the front of the temple and started to talk the spirit was so strong... we talked about prophets and we gave him a Liahona from the last general conference. But when we finished the lesson Wilson asked if he could just wait outside and look in the door as the people inside of the temple walked out. We went in and asked the worker at the front desk if we could come in and sit in the front area and he said yes. Wilson walked in looked at himself in the mirror, took a deep breath, and walked in the doors.. instantly the spirit struck each one of us.. and we all had tears streaming down our faces. as we sat in the waiting room, a temple worker came in and shook Wilson's hand and looked at us and said "This is a special man" and yet again with tears in all of our eyes he told us "This is the waiting room to the temple, and this is the Lords house, when He comes here this is the room He visits to see the people who are waiting to come in, and patted us on the back. He then left his information and told Wilson he wanted to be there when he would go for his first time to enter into the temple and be there with his family!!! What a special moment I will forever hold dear to my heart! 

When we were leaving the temple Wilson looks at us and says.. " If you guys ever show up at my house and I'm not there its because I'm here" :)))

We had the opportunity to do intercambios with the CCM (MTC) hermanas who only have 1 month in the ccm.. wow what an amazing opportunity.. first of all to feel there excitement to serve and answer their questions and also to able to see how far I have come as a missionary. I love the mission and the person that we are able to become through true dedicated service to the Lord! The sweet Hermana Pearce that I was with had the opportunity to share the 1st vision in her broken Spanish, but it was perfect the spirit was felt, it doesn't matter exactly what we say but the intentions behind it. The spirit does the rest!:) I am so grateful for the spirit in my life and I hope to every day be more worthy to have it as a companionship in my life.

Saturday.. Wilson entered into the waters of baptism! It was a great baptism.. everything went perfectly. That is almost unheard of! Haha but it was amazing and Wilson shared a lovely testimony of his journey to the restored and true church of Jesus Christ! :) THIS IS HIS CHURCH! and on Sunday we were able to see him confirmed! :) Such a blessing to see him and the atonement of Jesus Christ work a mighty change in him! :) 
My companion is amazing and we are working hard and seeing miracles! I love this gospel and I am happy and grateful to have the restored gospel in my life and that I can share it with others! :) I love sharing my testimony! :) 

Hermana Jenson

We are really going to live forever. where we live, how we live, and with whom we live is largely up to US! 
Sheri Dew!