Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 8 CHICKENS (pollo)

hola familia and loved ones!!!

Ha Ha Ha okay so you guys can probably assume but there are chickens everywhere in this place. and i have a few funny stories to tell you guys about them so the first is we were in a lesson on Mercede's porch and we are teaching about the 1st vision and all of a sudden her husband comes out and throws a dead baby chicken on the ground and the dog starts to eat it... oh my gosh i almost started crying. Then right after my companion and i were talking about it and this guy is in his front yard holding a chicken by its feet and just wacks it with a machetti (idk how to spell that) and we just start screaming, then another one of our investigators Jessica has a chicken that runs around her house, and Jessica likes to smoke (don't worry we are teaching her now and she wants to stop, really cool) but she had the chicken tied up with a little cord that is connected to her radio and one time her cigarette bud fell out of her mouth and the chicken was running around with it in its mouth!! haha gosh chickens are craaaaazy! haha
Okay besides crying and laughing because of chickens i have had as always some really awesome moments that have touched my heart and made my testimony grow. So my companion and i have been striving to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost always with us. So we decided to write down everything that maybe or might keep us away from the spirit. We prayed and fasted and have promised The Lord that we would not do any of those things for 40 days, we call it our 40 day sin fast and every morning and night we go through our list with The Lord. Wow, i can tell you guys that The Lord has been by our side and The Holy Ghost has been touching our hearts, but especially our investigators hearts. One thing that my companion told me that i loved is.. that "being on a mission isn't hard, but being a missionary is" its when we work hard, talk to that one extra person, say something in Spanish even though you know they don't understand you, or skip something so you can pray and go to bed on time. It's the little things and the discipline that make you a good missionary and The Holy Ghost present! i testify that if you guys strive and truly try to have the Holy Ghost in your life and reevaluate, that the The Lord will bless you and your life! it starts with the small and simple things! i am grateful for the direction and knowledge and purpose this gospel has given me! Thank you all for the support! :)

Sorry i forgot this, but in the process of this one chapter i love in the BOOK OF MORMON is Alma 5, its like a personal interview and it was also mentioned a lot in general conference, "if you have sung the song of redeeming love, can you do so now" that is one thing i love that i have been able to sing that song and i am able to sing it for everyone here that i talk to!!
quick story¨: so Sunday was a really discouraging day, things just weren't working out and we hardly had anyone at church, so we were super down and so when we went out for the day we had good lessions and talked to a bunch of people but nothing really was happening. Then we had one more appointment and my comp and i talked about just visiting them the next day because we were close to the time we had to be in. They most likely wouldn't be there.. (stuff Satan tells you), and then we both were just like NO we have to go, so we went and knocked, and no one came for like 5 minutes but we just stayed there for some reason and then TONY came to the door!!! we sat down and started talking about the BOOK OF MORMON! the spirit was so strong and we were just lifted up by the spirit, he is super passionate and knows that this Gospel is true. He told us that since he has started reading the Book of Mormon his life has changed and he has felt peace and love and happiness in his life more than ever before! WOW! i am so grateful that we were able to listen to the spirit and that i'm able to see how this gospel changes peoples lives! i love this gospel!!

con amor de La Yuca
Hermana Jenson

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