Monday, July 11, 2016



First things first, I won't have a p-day until next Tuesday because I am going to the zona colonial! Its a tourist thing! It'll be cool! So pics to come! :)) 

This week was amazing and I love everything about the mission! I love being a servant of The Lord!

So here in the capital it's really hard to find investigators by just contacting so my companion and I have been working really hard to work and get to know the members to receive references! We had the coolest experience yesterday! We went to the familia Melendez as we began to get to know them we asked them how they met, and how they were able to come to the knowledge of this amazing gospel they explained that they have been members for a very long time and started to tell us the story. The missionaries knocked on their door and their whole family was baptized a family of 6! Then explained that there is a book that I was able to read before my mission about the history of the Church in the DR.. and the wife left, brought me the book.. and showed me.. they are stars of this book! They are a huge part of why the church has grown so much in this amazing place! He is now a sealer in the temple and their 2 sons have served missions and they all have families strong in the Gospel! What an amazing privilege I have to serve these wonderful people and help the church grow here! :)) 

Wilson received the priesthood this week! :))) We visited him on Tuesday and he told us that receiving the Holy Ghost has brought him a whole new hunger to learn of the Gospel! He has now in this week restarted the Book of Mormon and wrote a resumen (OVERVIEW) verse by verse and is in the middle of Alma! He is so great! :)) 

It's really hot hot hot here! Haha.  I sweat just blinking my eyes! Haha but its great! 

Hope you guys all have a great week! I love you all! :)) 



This is my new zone

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