Monday, July 25, 2016



 First off please forgive me for not writing an email last week! :)
 Another amazing week this week in the service of our Savior! I love
being a missionary and putting that plaque on every day! :)

 So, so many things have happened this week and I don't even know where to start!

 This week we had a lesson with Miguel who will be baptized this coming
27th of August! He is a changed man, we had a lesson with him and 3
members in the chapel, talk about having the spirit in a lesson!
I felt the strong impression to change our lesson plan and to have
each of us share our favorite scripture and why, and share our
testimony of it! Wow... such a touching experience for me to see
members from all different walks of life explain how personally the
 Book of Mormon has changed their lives. How these prophets of old have
written these words specifically for them and it has changed them! They are HAPPY because of it!  Miguels testimony was the sweetest.. he said that
before he started to meet with us he couldnt sleep at night and was
completely worried about all of these problems going on in his life!
Then he explained that he started to pray for the first time in his
life and read the Book of Mormon and hand these problems over to the
Lord everyday and night.. that he has a hard time waking up to his
alarm! Haha and even though he has the exact same problems he is
I love being a missionary and seeing this gospel change peoples lives! And seeing these people change for the better. I am trying as hard as I
can to be an istrument in His hands.. it is changing me also! 
I love this place these people and this Gospel!!!

 Transfers are next week!! I'll let you all know how it goes!! :))) Love you all!!

hermana Jenson
This is the Colonial Zone!!! It's amazing where Cristofer Colon (Christopher Columbus) came to the new world!! These are pictures of the first church and the first street in all of the NEW WORLD or the Americas!" SUPER COOL!

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