Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Wow I cannot think of a better way to be able to start the new year than with the opportunity to partake of the sacrament! I really did enjoy the peace of the sacrament meeting and thinking about all that had been accomplished in this past year and the new goals and dreams I have for the year to come!! 

With the new year we always have tons of ideas and goals, but we all know that with a new year comes new challenges as well. I know that through taking the sacrament weekly we can literally partake in the peace of our Savior! And no matter what things come to pass in this year we can be at peace!!! 

I hope you all make new goals with an eternal perspective, and I testify that if you guys work with diligence and patience to achieve them they will have an eternal effect!! :))

Love you all 

Beautiful last sunset of 2016 in the DR!!! 

My companion fractured her foot this week! 

She also threw the keys on the roof of the church and elder Marte had to get them down! haha

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