Thursday, September 24, 2015


Hola mi familia y mi amigos!!!!
un otro semana en el ccm!!!! :))) 

-temple anniversary last week! it was 15 years!! and we got to go and do a session on the exact hour it was dedicated! I LOVE THE TEMPLE! 
-we went to the University and La Tienda again!!!
-all the missionaries left for Santiago and Puerto Rico! it was so lonely and quiet here and sad that they left!!
-BUT we got new ones a couple days later!!!! YAY!! they are Latinos that are going to our missions!! ive absolutely fallen in love with them all!! there are only 4 other hermanas going to west!! 
-I HIT MY 1 MONTH MARK! cant believe i leave here in 2 weeks!! 
- I get to go to my mission on splits tomorrow!! :))))))))

Since i have arrived in my mission ive been thinking about what i want to accomplish as a missionary!! and as i have thought about it i have realized that a lot of what i want to accomplish is a little out of my comfort zone.. i know surprise i have a comfort zone, but i do... but since I got here ive told myself that i am no longer Rachel Jenson...i left her at home along with all her insicurities, fears, and weaknesses! i am now Hermana Jenson, bold, more courageous and fearless than i ever have been before, i am filling everything with Christ! I have been praying for strength to maintain this mentality! i need to have this for my investigators and for the future Hermana Jenson that the Lord wants me to become! the only way that i am able to do this is by the help of my Father in Heaven. For He casteth out all fear! i can be the Hermana Jenson He wants me to be because I KNOW He has the confidence in me! and I KNOW each of you can be exactly who He wanes you to become through Him! let Him make us who He wants us to be! i am trying my hardest to Fully hand myself over to HIm! For HE can make me strong (ether 12:27) in a devotional this week that we heard form Elder Holland, "obedience is the 1st law to pretty much everything!" i know that is starts from the small and simple things! i know that we can have a strong foundation and give up ourselves to be who the Lord wants us to be! (heleman 5:12) i know im where He wants me when He wants me and im trying to become who He wants be to be!!! i know that the Book of Mormon is true and testifies of all truth!! i love this gospel and i couldnt be more honored to represent my Savior!!! Thank you all for the love and support! :) i am so happy!!!!! its undescribable!!

much love from the DR!!!

Hermana Jenson

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