Thursday, September 17, 2015

WEEK 3 Life as a missionary

Hola Familia!!!

wow, another fabulous week as a missionary!! This has been my favorite week so far! i feel like ill be saying that every week! but its so true!! i love being a missionary!!!

so much happened this week i dont even know where to start!! 

i met my mission president! and some sisters, and elders in my mission!! it was so refreshing to see people who are in the field!! my mission president is amazing and so are all the missionaries! i met a sister who could be my trainer, and we started laughing and we both snorted at the same time!! ha we just looked and each other and then started laughing and snorting again!! so great!! i cannot wait to get out there and start doing The Lords work!! I WANT TO SHOUT THE TRUTH FROM THE ROOFTOPS! and i will! :) 

so my roommates and i got this idea to do a pday eve tradition!! haha so we got all our mattresses in the same room and built a fort! ill send pictures! 

we got to go to the university and contact people!! REAL LIFE DOMINICAN PEOPLE!! i was stoked out of my mind!! one thing i have learned this week, is that with Heavenly Father on your side there is no room to be afraid or be insecure or scared! i always thought i would be somewhat embarrassed when i had to talk to someone or scared! haha but I HAD NOT ONE FEAR!! even though i still dont know spanish!! I truly am set apart and i love it!! so contacting went SO well!! my companions and i talked to so many people PLACED OUR FIRST BOOK OF MORMON (3) and had to go steal pamphlets from the elders! haha i was feeling kind of blessed to be a sister missionary at that moment! haha 

it was my turn to talk to this lady who was sitting on a bench, i saw her and just knew we had to talk to her! so i start talking about the restoration in the little spanish i know and LITERALLY she just starts finishing all my sentences for me, even though she knows nothing about the gospel.... i was about to start crying in the middle of the campus! so many prophets and leaders have told us that if we just love and try that the people will help us and i was a witness of that promise! i am so extra grateful for prophets in our day and that they have the power to communicate with our Father in Heaven to give us guidance and direction! listen to the priesthood!!!!! and im so grateful to be a woman that has the opportunity to support and appreciate that priesthood!! i love this gospel!! IT IS THE ONLY TRUE GOSPEL ON EARTH!! 

Remember that we have the great opportunity to be forgiven, every single day! take advantage of it!!!

I love my Father in Heaven and im so grateful for this opportunity to be so close to him! thank you all for the love support and prayers, they are all felt and not going to waste!! i pray for you all!! THANK YOU!! 


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