Thursday, September 10, 2015


Hola familia y amigos!!!

wow another fantastic week as a missionary in the DR CCM!!! 

-pipes breaking and locked in
-outside world
-mi amigas 
-Faith and Fasting

so ill start with the funny stuff!! haha so on thursday morning Hermana shaw couldnt get our door open to go to breakfast so she locked the door then tried unlocking it to see if it would work... and the lock got stuck! haha so we were banging on the door and trying to get it undone and finally some other hermanas came to help us! haha then..... that night i was putting a stool under our sink (where it belongs) and i barely pushed it under and i heard all this water spraying EVERYWEHRE!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA one of the pipes broke and so i go underthere and grab the pipe and kind of stick it back on(as im screaming) and i look and i have nasty black and green stuff all over me!!! like whatever was in the drains and the pipes was all over me!! bahaha! so then the president and his wife and the plummer were all in our room till way late fixing it and i took a sanitizer bath!! haha it was really funny in the long run! i felt like Heavenly Father was just laughing at me cause that is probably nothing to what ill experience in the feild! haha 

so on Tuesday we got to go to La Tienda!! THE STORE!!! that means they let us little missionaries out of the gates!!! wow! they almost had to drag me back to the CCM i love love love it out there! i honestly cant wait to get out there! (side note: i met my mission presidents wife and she is so cute and so awesome i just love her, but she told me that they only wear clear nail polish... NO NAIL POLISH! HAHA IM DYING!!) for any of you that know my obsession, this may be something i need to pray for strength for! but God will help me! 

Sundays are the best days everybody! i love them they are truly a day to reevaluate and get pumped up spiritually for the week! i love them with all my heart! i have the opening prayer IN SPANISH for sacrament meeting in front of everyone! the gift of tongues is real everybody! i was blessed, my Heavenly Father was looking out for me! so we always watch a devotional from the provo mtc and this one we watched was brand new and i normally see people i know and the first people i saw were.... CRYSTAL TAYLOR AND MY ROOMATE FROM COLLEGE ALIYA!! it was like they were here with me! i love them so much! it was like a tender mercy! :)

so sunday was also fast sunday and our topic for sunday was Faith! gosh i love fasting and i love faith! so i really focused on how to strengthen my faith this week, one of the senior hermanas here shared this with us "one thing that must come before faith is humility, we must accept that we do not know everything amd that we NEED faith!!" my faith grew so much this week by me depending on him to help me with all my studies and being a good companion this week! i realized that faith is more than just believe in something faith is what brings us to action we must act!!! its not my work, its His. i know that if i do the best i can and have faith in HIm he will deliver me!!! go read Alma 26:12! He is our strength!! i know that this is the church of God and that He loves each and everyone of us!! :)) im praying for you all! thanks for all the love! 

remember to have family prayer and scripture study!

all the love in the world!


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