Thursday, September 3, 2015


i LOVE being a missionary!


Holy cow i just have to say that i am so overwhelmed at all of the love and support i saw when i opened my email! :) you guys are seriously so incredible i am the luckiest missionary because of all the love and prayers i get! i can honestly feel all of your prayers so THANK YOU! 

being a missionary is the best thing ever!! i wish everyone got this opportunity!! 

okay, my companions! there was another sister that came a day after us and she is in my companionship! so its Hna Juchau, Hna Shaw, and i! TRIO!!! and to be honest i was a little nervous but it has honestly been the best thing for us, we get a long so well and love each other so much, Hna Shaw is just like me, super crazy and loud and always laughing and silly, then Hna Juchau is like really mellow and quiet and it is so funny cause we just hug her and sing to her and stuff she acts annoyed sometimes, but we know she loves it and loves us! we work really well and really hard as a companionship. They both have really strong testimonies and the most loving hearts! I SERIOUSLY LOVE THEM SO MUCH THEY ARE MY BFFS! they are both going to the east mission and i will probably be companions, so im sad i wont see them after this! but i  know we will be friends for life. there is a total of 12 sisters here! haha crazy!!

a little about the CCM (mtc) its 4 floors, we live on the 4th one (of course) haha and we eat on the 1st, class on the 2nd and gym on the 3rd. the food is so good!!! SO MUCH RICE AND BEANS AND MYSTERY MEAT! haha but its dandy! i am happy! my district has us 3 hermanas and then 8 elders! i love them all and we work hard but laugh a lot! haha we have class all day every day! our teachers are crazy, funny and so firm in the gospel its truly an honor to learn from them! they speak a little english so we teach them and they teach us! haha there are 7 haitians here and they love me and my hair and i love them we play basketball together everyday at gym its awesome! 

So spiritual thought for you all, so as you know i am learning spanish, which is just really funny, i am not quite fluent yet.... hahaha! actually not even close! but i know how to pray, testify, commit someone to baptism, and some other things in just one week! anyway we teach investigators, (really just our teachers dressed up) and we have this one her name is Diana, so we had our first lesson with her, i coulndnt say anything cause i dont speak spanish and that night i was so down on myself about everything, just feeling overwhelmed about spanish, so i knelt down in prayer that night just begging my father in heaven to help me and i prayed for Diana to feel love for her and eveything and just for the spirit to lift my own spirits! and the next night we planned the lesson and went in to teach her. we taught about the restoration and the first vision! it was THE most spiritual moment so far for me, i was able to bear a 3 sentence testimony of how I KNOW that Jose smith is a true prophet because i was able to visit the sacred grove and the spirit i felt there testified that to me. i know i didnt say all the words right (mostly cause i was crying cause the spirit was so strong) but i just knew and know now that THE SPIRIT DOES NOT HAVE A LANGUAGE BARRIER! whether i speak spanish or not, the spirit will testify. God hears us and answers our prayers, sometimes we just need to be humbled a little before we can see true success! and..... Dianna commited to be baptised!! ha so i went from a low to The Lord lifting me up to a spiritual high!!! :) This church is true!! 

there is so much more but no time!! know that i love this gospel and the church is true! and I LOVE LOOKING DOWN AND SEEN JESUCRISTO ON MY NAMETAG! 

I LOVE YOU ALL! thanks for the love, support, and prayers! sorry if i cant write i dont have much time! 

Hermana Jenson

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