Monday, November 16, 2015


Another amazing week in La Yuca as a missionary! :)

This week was Zone Conference (my first one) and stake conference and another conference for the leaders, which my companion is an hermana leader, so I went to that too, then did intercombios with a different hermana... we were in her area.. RIGHT NEXT TO THE OCEAN! WOW!! :) also when we were on our way back for the day we were riding in a carrito and the whole car was shaking cause the cars here suck.. and then all of a sudden we start to swerve and a loud POP! yeah our tire blew out in the middle of the street.... I just grabbed this old mans hand who was next to me and was freaking out!! haha then we walked the rest of the way to the chapel... haha everything is an adventure here!! I love it!

I got everyone's letters at the zone conference!! gosh I have the best family and friends! thank you so much for all the love!! I replied to you all so you should be getting letters!! :)

So at the zone conf. we had to get shots... yah and guess what happened I had some sort of reaction and I broke out in a hive rash thing all over my body.. I looked like a red lobster and my hands and feet were swollen and itched like I've never itched before... no medicine was helping.. so I just walked around looking like a dufus for like 3 days... its finally fading now! :) I'm okay!! :)

Okay so Yeseña had her baptismal interview on Saturday... so she is getting baptized this week!!!! YAY!! so this week we were in a lession with her and talking about baptisms for the dead... it was really spiritual and my comp was bearing her testimony.. and her daughter who is 3 years was just walking around and holding a ziploc container that we had from another investigator. She gave us food and we were returning it, then I look at Yeseña in the lession and she gets this wide eyed look on her face... and starts gasping.. I look... and her daughter decided to go to the bathroom in the ziploc container... bahahahaha!! I just started laughing!!!! Yeseña starts yelling and laughing bahaha it took us a little while to calm down. haha Yeseña is so amazing she is reading her LDM like crazy and her testimony is growing so much everyday! her life is truly changing, and the life of her daughter too. This gospel really is the only true gospel!

So this week we also had stake conference so we had to get everyone at church at 8 to ride in a guagua to the stake center by 9, literally we were running around like chickens in the morning. Francisco, the cutest old man that we are teaching called us cause we were going to get him ready and walk him to the chapel, and said he was already on his way.. already and everything, the best people live here!! Lastly after we got everyone at the church, we went to Yeseña's cause she was going to drive us. we knock on the door.. nothing.. 5 min later.. nothing...5 min later.. we start to pray.. cause if she doesn't come to church she cant have her baptism...we knock again.. nothing.. we weren't going to give up though.. so we start banging on the door.. haha still.... NOTHING!!! my companion was trying to call her but she wasn't answering.. yeah we were being those annoying missionaries! haha! we were already going to be late for the conference and didnt have a ride.. then I said a little prayer in my heart.. and we hear ¨quien?¨ AHHH LAS HERMANAS!! Turns out her daughter was sick and she was at the hospital til 5 in the morning with her.. and her phone had died! But she hurried and got ready and we only missed the opening hymn!! Seriously there always needs to be a trial of our faith... like in Ether 12:6... also the example of Yeseña and how important it is for her to make this covenant with her Father in Heaven, she could have slept or said she was tired, but she knew she had to go and had the desire!! She is such an example to us!! :) I love her!! I have learned so many things this week!! This gospel really does change people.. its changing me! :) grateful for my Savior and His perfect example for all of us!!!! THIS CHURCH IS THE TRUTH!!

love you all so much!!!

Hermana Jenson

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