Monday, November 9, 2015


wow!! This week has been an incredible week to be a missionary! So much has happened!! I love it here and I love wearing the name tag with my favorite persons name on it JESUCRISTO!!

-We had intercambios this week, and I went to a different area with hermana Vargas.. she is Dominican and doesn't speak any English... lets just say that I have never prayed for the gift of tongues so hard in my entire life, and my prayers were answered!!! I seriously didn't struggle once the whole day with my Spanish with her or in the lessions! it was so much fun!! :) I love Spanish!! we also ran into someone who spoke English and I felt so awkward, I didn't know what to say, it was like I didn't know what he was saying to me! hahah and hermana Vargas just started laughing at me, I guess my face showed what I was feeling! haha

-we had our neighbors cat in our house (pics to come)
-we had a capacitation (my one month in the feild) and I got to see some friends from the ccm!!
-I got my first package!!!!
-gotten home soaking wet every day this week, the rain wont stop!! I've never heard thunder so loud, I was actually scared for my life!

I have a story for you all,
Okay so, there is this family here la familia Diaz, there are 2 boys and 2 girls and a mom and a dad. before I got here the missionaries taught their family, then when they found out what they were teaching they slowly one by one ¨weren't there¨ for the lessions, except the father Maximo. He was baptized the week before I got here and he received the Holy Ghost my first Sunday here! He is the cutest little old guy with the biggest smile and asks me how I am, like 50 times in 2 minutes. Wow he is incredible. His wife, is super catholic and doesn't want anything to do with the church, and sometimes she says bad stuff to us about our church, she hides in her room whenever we come over. The girls on the other hand love us!! Especially the oldest Meyda, she loves basketball and tries to speak English to me all the time! :) anyhow we have been teaching the two sisters Eridaña and Meyda, they are so smart and we have had some really spiritual lessions with them, but the only problem is that their mom won't let them go to anything.

This week we were having a Noche De Hogar (family home evening) with some of the other missionaries investigators that are younger in age and Hna. Echard and I decided we were going to invite the Diaz girls.. so we fasted, I honestly have never had a harder time fasting in my entire life, satan was really working on us during our fast! We told them about the NDH like 4 days in advanced and they said they would think about it.

The day came... we went to the Diaz´house and shared a little message and prayed with them and then we had to lure their mom out of her room to see if she would let them come... she said no. I have never felt so genuinely sad, we had prayed so hard and had so much faith that this was going to work and we knew that this night was going to have a huge impact on them. Well we talked to her some more and she said she needed her oldest daughter to work for her and all this crazy other stuff..! So we left.... we stood in the street in silence shed some tears and then started to walk and then hna Echard stopped and said that we should try for the younger brother and the little sister cause the mother only said that she needed the oldest daughter! Then she said no we've been too annoying. Then I said NO!! We have already gotten no, why not try one more time! So we called and praying in our hearts asked if her other kids could go... SHE SAID YES!! I don't know what those 5-10 minutes did to their mom, but I'm grateful!!

So we ran back and got them ready, as we were waiting the oldest daughter just kept saying how it was a miracle that her mom is letting them go! It really was a miracle!!

We went to the noche de hogar and wow the spirit touched everyone there! Eridaña and Ezikiel made new friends and felt the spirit! They said they loved it!

This was seriously a huge eye opener to me for many reasons... one: sometimes we are too greedy, I wanted the whole family to come, but really the two that needed it the most were the ones that could. two: The Lord tests our faith first, he needed to see if we would keep trying! I've learned and studied a lot about faith this week, and one quote I love is ¨You can literally cause things to work for your good both in your life and in the lives of others if you are full of faith in The Lord¨ -Gene R. Cook
I can testify that this is true, all you need is Faith! Faith is action and if we act in our faith miracles will follow!! I know that our Savior is aware of us and loves us!!

Thank you for everything especially your love!!!!

con amor!!
hermana Jenson

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