Tuesday, November 3, 2015



Wow this week has been one of some downs and of course ups!!! Wow I am so grateful to be here as a missionary!! :)

some highlights from this week:
-I had my first bucket shower
-crossed a river in the street again
-got rocks thrown at me by a chimpanzee at the zoo
-I was still super sick(lowlight)
-sang kareoke en español
-yeseña is getting baptized on the 21st!!!!!!

These are just a few of my adventures this week!! so first off I was super sick still on Tuesday and my compa is so good to me and she took super good care of me and I got a blessing from the elders and now I feel like I got a whole new body! I LOVE THE PRIESTHOOD!!! so when I was better we went to work super hard this week, we had a bunch of lessions! The people here are super awesome they are filled with so much faith!

Next we went to the zoo today!! Holy cow, this was for sure not the zoo in america!!! THERE ARENT ANY FENCES!! bahah! I know you're probably thinking I'm lying or joking!! Nope!! No fences at the zoo!! thats how we do it in the DR!! there are litterally only ditches that are like 3 feet wide that seperate you and the animals.. and then some are like in cement holes that you look down at.. ha its super interesting and ghetto! but so cool! the animals were super awesome I can't send pics this week but for sure next!! I have a ton!! Then we get to the chimpanzee and it was running around throwing rocks and yelling at people! Wow it was something that I will always remember for sure!! but I made it out alive!! :))

Next.. THE CLICK... so this week, and for parts of my mission so far, I have had some moments that haven't been the best.. and sometimes in those moments I have asked myself,, why am I here! (I would add a question mark but there isn't one on this little computer! oh the DR!!) And in those moments I have fallen to my knees to ask my Father in Heaven what I need to do and why am I here! and this week I had an answer to my prayers.... so when I was playing basketball growing up my Dad used to always tell me that there is a moment when you go from just playing the game of basketball and running around to where it ´´CLICKS¨ for you and then you really understand the ins and outs of the game, you don't just run around and play, you direct the game and control it.! Obviously it doesn't come overnight and it doesn't come all at once.. there are a lot of times that you wonder why your coach tells you to do something or why you run this way or why you are running this play or that play.. but then little by little you understand and are able to call the plays and know where to run before someone yells at you to run there! Well I had a little click moment this Sunday..I had been super confused in my head about a lot of things.. the day was long and it was raining and we were wet and we decided to make a stop at Tony's house on the way home for a little lession... we were talking about the wonderful plan- the plan of salvation. it was my turn to share in the lession about the Atonement of our Savior... wow, I was so strongly hit by the spirit that we are here because Heavenly Father has a plan for us and how grateful I am for the Atonement.! Tony is an awesome investigator along with his sister Candida and her husband Franklin! They understood this plan and expressed their testimonies of the atonement as well! I'm not sure how to fully explain it but I had a click moment where things were just clear in my head.. so clear! THAT THIS GOSPEL IS THE TRUTH! and the spanish was all clear I understood all of their Dominican words and the spirit was present! I am not saying that I know the ins and outs of the mission or spanish,,, I have a long way to go, but at that moment I was reminded and my prayers were answered that I am never alone and I am here for a very important purpose!! It was a little step and a little click for me in my mission!

I testify, that our Savior lives!!! That He loves us! and that His Atonement is real for everyone! That our Father in Heaven answers our prayers when we ask with real intent! HE LIVES!!!

I love you all! I encourage you all to share the message that we have a loving heavenly father this week and to pray and council with Him!!!

con mucho amor
Hermana Jenson

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