Monday, December 28, 2015


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTER KAMI... AND FELIZIDADES TO MY NIECE FOR BEING BAPTIZED!!!! Wow my family is just the greatest in the whole world and I love them all so much and I am so proud of all they are doing! I am one proud aunt daughter and sister!! :))) I LOVE YOU FAMILY!!!

So my companion (mom in the mission) is leaving me, it is time for me to spread my wings and fly.. she is going to San Cristobal.. and I am going to get a new companion HERMANA BARRET from Puerto Rico!! :) I am so excited to have a Latina companion!! :)) These changes are going to be awesome!

I have a really crazy story... so this week we were at an investigators house saying goodbye for Hermana Echard.. and he was making us spaghetti and while he was making it he mentioned this drink that everyone here has for Christmas and asked if we wanted some, its like eggnog! We looked at the bottle and asked him about 5 or 10 times if it had alcohol and he told us ¨of course not I don't drink alcohol¨ so he pours us some and we take a sip at the same time and instantly Hermana Echard and I start coughing and choking.. my throat was burning!!!!!!! Turns out it really does have alcohol... ha ha we clearly stopped drinking it and I just about cried the rest of the night!!! bahahaha who would have ever thought I would drink alcohol on my mission!! Don't worry It'll never happen again!!!

Besides that I hope that all of your Christmases were perfect and full of joy and happiness I know mine sure was... I have a short story that made my whole Christmas (apart from talking with my family). So on Christmas morning we were meeting as a zone to eat and do a gift exchange and everything... and there were no carritos.. and literally no one on the street.. the quietest I've ever heard the Dominican Republic! But we were asking for a bola.. like a hitch hike..? ha ha and this little truck thing stopped and he told us he was going just aqui mismo.. (like right here).. and we told him where we were going and it was far from where we were.. and he looked at us like he didn't want to... then just got a smile on his his face and told us to get in... I don't know but the genuine kindness of this man made my Christmas so amazing I gave him some candy canes that I had and a card that Hermana Echard and I made.. but really he didn't have to give us a ride or even stop.. but I feel like that is what Christmas is about.. serving when its not needed! :))) I hope we can all go that extra mile this next year! :)))

I love you guys all so much and I hope the best for you this new year.. that we can think of new goals to reach spiritually as well and mentally and physically!! :))) thank you all for the Christmas love!! you all mean the world to me!! .)))

Happy New Year!!

Hermana Jenson!

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  1. Rachel, You are a ray of sunshine!!!! Love reading these and seeing your beautiful face!