Monday, December 28, 2015


This is Christopher's family.. Melvin and Haiti are the parents!! :))) I love this family!! .))) 

This is my little baby Christopher... he gives me a hug every single night on my way home and shares his candies with me.. and he loves the Book of Mormon! :))) 

This is our Christmas tree!!! Thanks mom for the presents!

This is Maximo after going to the temple for the first time and us at the park of lights!! :)))) I am taking my family back here! (guess what girls it was all underwater themed.. with mermaids!!!)

This is the last photo of our zone together eating at la Mallas!!

This is the family of Reinoso that we spent noche buena with!

Hermana Echard and I at a Christmas concert at presidents house!! FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!

Hermana Echard and I dressed in black right after we scared the other hermanas!! hahahah!! Still a jokester don't worry!! :))) 

This is Hermana Mijangos and I on the bola on navidad

I went to the salon like a Dominican!!! :))) hahaha funniest experience of my life..!! I don't know how they do it!!!

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