Monday, December 7, 2015


HOLA FAMILIA!! Another amazing week as a missionary in the wonderful place of the DR!!! Every day is an adventure!! :))))

-Every Thursday we go to the metro as a zone and do an activity to share the spirit and true meaning of Christmas, and this week we did a flash mob.. of singing.. on the train! haha it was so awesome!! everyone loved it!!
-I have learned a lot about self control this week because I have a gazillioooooon mosquito bites and I've been trying not to itch them.. the Lord works in mysterious ways!
-My companion and I got matching Christmas pajamas and we have been wearing them all week, you could say we are excited! haha
-We finally got to do service... ha no one in the DR will let you help them, we always offer and try to help people and they insist that you don't, but finally this week one of our investigators Yesica the one with the crazy chicken, let us clean her house and do her laundry! it was awesome!! we were so pumped!! haha and Yesica was just laughing cause we were so excited to do her laundry and mop her floor!!! bahaha
-One of our investigators Francisco came to church for the first time this Sunday and stayed all three hours!! He is just the cutest old man and he was so happy at church!! :)

Well this week was full of ups and downs and I really learned so much about our Savior!
So in this season we share a message about our Savior with every person we can find, and honestly every time, something new is revealed to me about how amazing Our Savior is and His overpowering Atonement! This week we had a super duper perfect day.. we had all of our lessons plus some. We had two new people accept baptism dates and we had really spiritual moments in each lesson, I had tears coming down my face all day and had a smile beaming on my face from the spirit that my companion and I were feeling. It was seriously amazing, and I am so grateful for that day!! Then the next day I had a really rough day, I felt like not one right Spanish word could come out of my mouth, doors were slammed in our faces and no one else was home.. all of a sudden I just felt so overwhelmed with the calling that I had.. I felt so little.., I started to pray for strength to be a ¨big girl¨ and that I could have confidence in the Lord to direct us and that I would stop worrying about how I felt and just trust HIM, so we pressed on, and this is when I learned something. In our last lession of the night as I was bearing my testimony of our Savior, that we are NOTHING without Him, and that His atonement covers EVERYTHING, not only our sins, but our sadness, our struggles, every feeling we feel and have ever felt and will feel. Our Savior Jesus Christ has felt it and is continually there for us waiting to lift us up right after we ask Him for his help and hand our problems over to Him and are willing to act on the way He wants to help us. I felt the Saviors love not only for these people but for me. I felt like Heavenly Father was bearing testimony in my heart as I was bearing it to them!! In this Season we aren't just supposed to remember His birth, but His whole life and what He did for each of us and our loved ones! Wow, what an amazing gift that we already have!! I know that our Savior Lives!!!!!!!!! and He will come again! I love this Gospel and the opportunity I have to grow here and invite people to come unto Christ! I hope we all take this Christmas season and remember our Savior and truly partake of His atoning sacrifice for us!!! This week I really learned that we NEED Him in every moment, the good and the bad.. D&C 136:28&29 says:
If thou art merry, praise the Lord with singing, with music, with dancing, and with a prayer of praise and thanksgiving
If thou art sorrowful, call on the Lord thy God with supplication that your soul maybe joyful!!


I love you all so much!!! thank you all for your love and prayers!!

Hermana Jenson

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