Monday, April 18, 2016


Helllllllooooo my family!!!

Please forgive me for not writing very much these last couple weeks! But my mom told me I need to try harder soooo I hope this will give you guys a little more info about me and my little ol life here in the DR!!! 

Well I don't know where to start.... 

I got a letter from my sista hermana Murdock in Cali!! thank you love you and from mis abuelos! thanks grandma for your sweet letter!! Made my day! Glad grandpa is eating healthy! I'll be praying for you guys!

I received these letters on Sunday! Wow such a special day.. Sunday! :) My favorite person I think in all of Ocoa is Rudy.. and he is now reactivated. He came this Sunday to get us for church in his best church clothes on his newly fixed bike.. that I payed him 60 pesos to buy a new tire for.. which is like one dollar! He seriously is so amazing and so humble and such a leader in his family. He brings new friends to church every week and we are soon to reactivate his whole family! :) He just barely got his first tie this Sunday too! Never underestimate the example that you are to those around you.. no matter how young, little, big, or old you are!! WE ARE ALL DISCIPLES OF CHRIST!

I have an ear infection.. so we went to the capital for two days this week to get some medication and see some doctors! but I am doing better now!! :)) 

I gave a talk this week at church.. again.. :) I was thinking a lot about how we can all strengthen our testimonies... and in a meeting of missionaries this week we talked about how we know if our investigators are truly converted, One of the ways is to see if they are reading in their book of Mormon! This really is the keystone to our religion. I know that the Book of Mormon is perfect, I know that if we read it we will gain a deeper testimony and understanding of this perfect gospel, but most importantly I know that we will learn more about our Savior Jesus Christ and through and with Him and His teachings we can become like Him!! Read the book of Mormon.. and if your aren't.. start right this second. Each one of us needs to be more consecrated members of the church.. and reading the scriptures is one of the ways that we can! :))

Remember the atonement is real,, I have seen it work in peoples lives here to change completely around. Trust in this atoning power.. it is perfect and can work for you!!!:)))

Love you all so much! Praying for you all always!!

Have a rockin week! 

Yeah I am having success.. really with my last transfer not really working much I have felt like a terrible missionary.. like I have never felt worse in my life. But now we have a baptism in the next Saturday and many more that are to come! So yes now we are seeing success! :) 
This is Rudy.. coming to get us for church on Sunday morning!!:))) Hahahah love him with my whole heart! 

Our crew to visit the menos activos in Parra this Sunday.. please note that Rudy has his new tie on!:)) (he is in all blue)

This is the view of Ocoa from Parra. Those little buildings (middle left side) is where I live! Haha

My companion and I back in the CCM!!! Haha we ate lunch there after a doctors visit!! Wow I felt like a queen eating there!!:)) Haha I actually realized that I have learned Spanish... yay!! 

My companion doing surgery.. well just really wanted to be a dentist for the day..!! She told me that's what she wants to study now when she gets home! She is such a goon!

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