Monday, April 11, 2016


Sorry I have no time this week really! But I love you all so much! And I am so happy! Never been happier!:)) 

I would need 71385789458047 hours to write all the miracles that I saw this week.. but I know that they are all from hard work and being obedient!! One miracle is that our capilla (chapel) was FULL FULL FULL this week with investigators and menos activos (less actives). Normally we have about 15-25 people every week in church.. this week we had 65..!! I was so happy I couldn't help but just cry! Literal tears of Joy! The Lord works in mysterious ways but I testify that he works and knows our needs more than we do!! :) HE LOVES US!! 

Be Obedient.. Love HIM... because HE loves you!! :)) 

This is one part of my area!! Ohhh how beautiful!! :)) I love Ocoa!! 

MOM I FINALLY FOUND ONE AND HAD MY CAMERA!!! :))) ENJOY!! (literally I stopped in my tracks and might have shed a tear then forced my companion to take a picture!!haha)  

My new friend hermana Larson and I cleaning our shells that we found... turns out that we actually caught a live one and it stunk up our whole house for a week! Woops!

This is the familia Sanchez.. well part of them.. they are about a family of 20 that we recently found and are absolutely amazing! And some din din that they made us! :))

We made smores.. the first time for some of us!! Haha yum yum yum!!
as Spongebob would say.. C A M P F I R E S O N G SONG!! .)) 

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