Monday, April 25, 2016

The Lord Prepares His Children!

Hola familia! :) I LOVE YOU ALL SO SO SO MUCH!
But I love being a missionary more!:)) Haha

This week we had a lot of intercambios!

I was able to have one with our hermana leader Hna. Tamayo from California. We went to go visit some new investigators. A family that we had only had the opportunity to talk to the mom and daughter but when we arrived the husband was there. We began to talk to him and he was completely uninterested. I felt a really strong impression to talk about the blessings that the Lord gives us in our everyday lives, and asked him if he had noticed blessings from God in his life and instantly he opened up and started telling us about his life and how he really does need the gospel in his life. Now they are all working towards the waters of baptism for the following month! :)

Another intercambio that we had I left with hna. Larson.. my bff.. and we visited Carla. She is going to be baptized this Saturday!:))) We were talking about temples with her and wow I wish you guys could have been there, she just expressed her desire to go to the temple to have an eternal family and the goals she has to get there! I was filled with the spirit so strongly that I could literally feel how proud our Heavenly Father is of her and the decisions and changes she has made. She didn't always have these goals and I have had the privilege to see the atonement completely change her life! :)))

Another day we were walking in the street and passed by to one of our lecciones and she wasn't there so we paused for a second without saying anything to each other and waited.. and like one minute later the cutest old lady just walked up to us and told us to come to her house.  She lives alone and was born with a body defect that her one of her arms doesn't function, but she was so receptive to the Gospel and what we had to share about the plan of salvation.  She wants to see her parents again :) and we have the way that she can! The next day we passed by to get her for church and she was sitting there waiting for us-- and even though she can't read she was still the loudest one singing in the sacrament meeting! :)) What a sweet spirit that we were able to get to know this week! :)

Sometimes when one door shuts.. another one opens up! :) Listening to the spirit is so important! I challenge each of you to live worthy to have the spirit with you always, honor your covenants with God! :)

I love you all and I love being a servant and representative of Jesus Christ!:))

Have an amazing week! :) Eat some ice cream for me!:)


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