Monday, April 4, 2016


WOW! We are so blessed to be apart of this amazing Gospel with the power of God restored in the earth today!!! I am so grateful to be a missionary in these times!! 

I loved conference... watching the prophet and his apostles in our tiny little chapel with our little tiny tiny branch in spanish. It was so different than what I am used to, but the spirit was THE EXACT SAME! I hope that each one of you guys were moved inspired and received answers to your prayers this conference. I know that I sure was! :))) 

I loved the talk on  humility! I have been really studying this attribute of Christ lately and my favorite scripture was shared.. Ether 12:27... be humble.. have faith..! 

I learned something really cool this week. That there is a difference in believing in Christ (which is we believe he exists loves us and all of his teachings) and  believing Christ.. (which is we really put our full trust in Him and His POWER here on earth. If we believe Him we trust Him and can hand everything over to Him) 

I had a great week full of miracles. I'm being obedient and I am working hard.. I hope the same for you fellows at home! :))) 


FINALLY BACK AT THE BEACH!! This is Hermana Larson she is from California (San Deigo) and is my new housemate. haha. We are the same person exactly! Haha and we love the beach and hugging trees!!

YES I MIGHT HAVE BOUGHT A HAMMOCK HERE! HAHA more pictures to come of this!: ))) 

This is my feet legs and skirt covered in mud.. haha we visit this neighborhood that is up this huge mountain of loose ground and they only get water at the bottom of the mountain so they have to carry it all the way up to their houses, so whenever we go to visit and if there is water that day we help them carry buckets of water up. This day in particular it happened to rain too..haha so we were so dirty

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