Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Another amazing week FILLED with miracles and tender mercies and other things to make you laugh! I love being a servant of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! 

So we have been working really hard with this couple lately Jose and Chelda. They are from Haiti and hardly have any money, and Jose has been saving up his money these last few weeks to be able to buy some church clothes for him and his wife and their baby girl! We have been praying for them like crazy and fasting for all of their needs. Well this last Saturday night we show up on their little street and they hear us greet their neighbors and Jose comes out of his house with a big smile on his face and a tie in his hand… ha I couldn't hold back my tears.. as he so kindly asked me to teach him how to tie his tie. Then him and his wife and daughter so lovely walking in the chapel doors the next morning! I love seeing this Gospel change peoples lives. Jose has now told his work that he can't work on Sunday and he and his wife have completely stopped drinking coffee! They are so excited to be able to enter into the waters of baptism! :) This church is a church of change! 

Also the family De Castro that I told you about the other week that they were sealed in the temple but one of their daughters was still inactive.. her name is Vanessa! well she will be reactivated this week and they will ALL be sealed the week following! I love being in their presence they are so happy and filled with the spirit as a family and it makes me so happy! They are so humble and submissive to the Lord! 

Something that I made my companion die of laughter that might make you guys as well: Well we were contacting and inviting everyone to come unto Christ one day this week, and we came to one house (that is gated). So we touched the doorbell and a little dog came out to the gate and then the owner opened the door. I started to converse with her from the gate while I was inviting her to come to church and hear our message I felt a little warm on my foot to my surprise her dog had started peeing on my foot.. so I stopped talking, being startled, and shook my foot. the owner said nothing as she stared at me and as her dog moved quickly to my other foot and finished relieving his bladder. Then without saying a word more she looked at us and shut the door!!! As my companion laughed I tried getting off the urine with a nearby leaf. ahhhhahahah I love being a missionary! :))) 

I was also able to enter into the Holy Temple this week and wow I have been so blessed, I am so grateful for everything that The Lord has given us, especially the covenants that we can make with Him! I love the spirit that accompanies us in the Holy Temple, the Spirit of revelation, of comfort.. of everything that we need! :)) 

This week we receive the calls for the next transfer, so we will see where the Lords needs me for the next little while! :)) We also have our interviews with President Nuckols and his wife this Thursday! :)) Yay! 

I love you all thank you for your continued support, prayers,and love.. they do not go unnoticed! :)) 

With all the love that I have! 

hermana Jenson




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