Tuesday, October 11, 2016


For those of you who don't know it's my moms birthday today!! Call her and sing to her and give her lots of hugs and kisses for me! :)))) 
My mom is the most amazing woman I have met or come to know in my whole life. She is an amazing example of Christ like love and all of His attributes.. I give thanks to her for all that I know today and all that I am! She is the strongest woman that I've had the privilege to learn from and I am grateful for her faith! If you guys need a good pick-me-up or just a best friend my mom is the person for you! I love you mommy! Hope your day is the bestest! :))
Alsoooo…Happy Birthday in advance to my sisterrrrr DEENA KAYE!!!! I love you! On the 12th you guys can all call her and sing to her as well and tell her that I love her and do a little jig for me! :)) Deena has been my role model for years and my twin in everything (too much in the right mind) I love her and I am grateful for her enthusiasm and never ending support in all that I choose to do! :)) 
So this week was hurricane Matthew… wow lots and lots of rain and wind and more rain. I have gotten used to looking like a wet poodle while contacting! :) Here in the capital there wasn't too much damage but a few of our investigators houses filled up with water like whole neighbourhoods filled up to our armpits.. it was crazy..we spent a few nights helping people haul water out of their houses and clean and other things like that. A lot of our Haitian investigators have all their family in Haiti and still haven't heard from them if they are okay.. because the hurricane hit harder in Haiti. but please keep them all in your prayers and I know the Lord will bless us all! :))) 
One day this week we spent the whole day in the clinic with all the missionaries that are new to finish doing their visas..and because my companion is new, we spent all day there. I met some really cool people while there from all over the world and was able to talk to them about the gospel! :)) There are opportunities everywhere to share this amazing gospel! :))) 
We are struggling to find new progressing investigators so my companion and I came up with some new ways to find peole through our ward members. We prayed and fasted.. looked over our ward list selected 4 families to give books of mormon to so that they can pray and fast to give that book of mormon to someone or a family that they know! :)) We are really pumped about how some of them have gone and are ready to see the fruits of all of us working together in the work of the Lord! :))) 
I love being a missionary I love my Savior and Redeemer and I know that He lives and loves us! Never forget the simplicity of this Gospel! :)) 
Love you all! 

Oh and p.s. we are going to the temple on the 18th so I will be writing that day instead of Monday! :)) Love you all! 
miji y yo! :))

This is hermana Paloma.. a new member that just moved in and she made us THE BEST arroz con leche that I have ever had!! :))

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