Tuesday, January 5, 2016


HOLA FAMILIA MIA!!! COMO ESTAN?!? espero que todo bien! :)))

Wow what an amazing week of reflection, growing, goal setting, learning, and serving!! :)))

First off I"ll start with transfers... I left my mom.. Wow it was a sad moment because we had gotten so close and had not only a relationship on a personal level but a strong one as well and this is what made us so close! :))

But I also got a new companion.. MY STEP MOM! HERMANA BARRETT! She is from Puerto Rico.. She was a professional swimmer before the mission.. she has a sister and a dog.. she is 21 almost 22... and has a personality of GOLD! Really she is so funny and sarcastic but at the same time has a love for our Savior and so much respect for her calling that its contagious! I seriously love her so much already and I'm looking forward to learning and working with her and the people of La Yuca! :)))

This is actually what I want to talk about today.. HAPPINESS... like I have said many times before the happiest I have ever been is in my mission, this is the best thing I've ever done and the best decision I have ever made! :) But at the same time it hasn't been the easiest... this week I really didn't want to say goodbye to hermana Echard.. and the first couple days for me with my new companion were hard just cause things were different than I was used to.. but then I started to realize that I was making it hard for myself it was my mentality.. When I realized that and started to change my mentality for the better.. I realized such a difference. I am so much happier, lively, positive.. everything! We are like this in the gospel.. sometimes we have some things that hold us back, mostly worldly things.. that we don't want to let go of and weigh us down, but when we do and we start to change and use the Atonement in our process of change we can have the happiness that Our Father in Heaven hopes for us! He always has something better waiting for us..because He can see the whole picture, and knows us completely! All of this change depends on us and our decision to do so! Happiness is a choice!! Change is a choice!! I testify that through the atonement of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ everything is possible and we can become the people that He wants us to become, I feel everyday His hand in my life changing me and changing the people here in La Yuca! In this new year I hope that we can participate in this and change for the better and have happiness in our lives in every way!!!

I love you all so much thank you for everything!!! :)))

hermana jenson

I forgot to tell you one of my highlights from this week! So we were contacting in a new part of our area.. and there were two boys playing basketball in the street and my companion knows that I love basketball and she asked if I wanted to get 2 more contacts and kind of gave me a smirk.. of course I said yes.. So we went and introduced our selves and she whispered something to one of them and then he passed me the ball.  Ha ha I shot probably like 10 shots and made them all... hahaha. It was so funny, in my dress.. and they were all impressed and now we have two new investigators! :)) Hah and also I played basketball with the bishop and some of the young men from our ward.. and they were all dying laughing cause I could play basketball.. they like couldn't believe it! Haha just some fun things from this week!!

love you guys!!!!

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