Monday, January 25, 2016



Of course another amazing week!! As always! :) 

This week we had Elder Maynes come and speak with us from the Presidency of the Seventy! Wow he is the best super funny he was always cracking a joke but at the same time so super spiritual! We learned so much and were definitely uplifted! He talked about so many things but one thing I really want to share that I loved is.. he talked about the photo of  Joseph Smith, when Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father appeared to him, and in this moment of this picture represents each and every single one of us. As we have our own personal conversion. At one point Joseph was an investigator and had questions... every single person needs to pass through this same process, to have their own personal conversion to the Gospel. I encourage you guys, even if you already have received an answer,  and especially if you haven't, to read the Joseph Smith History, then start the Book of Mormon, and pray. I promise you with all my heart that you will receive an undeniable answer! :) I have and I know that this church is true!!! And nothing could make me happier! :) 

This week we found a new family the familia Obando, and wow they are so prepared, they are seriously feasting on the words we have to say to them. They never want us to leave the house and just keep asking us questions! It seriously is the best feeling in the whole world, having someone want to hear this message so badly! :)) 

Well I had a lot more to tell you guys this week but you know me, I forgot my agenda... :) silly me! But I really just want to thank you all for everything I have such an amazing family and friends and I couldn't feel more loved! :)) I love you and pray for you all!! :))) 

I love being a representative of Jesus Christ, and this Gospel.. I know its true and I know that our Savior Lives! :)))

have a good week!!! 

con amor

Hermana Jenson

This is Haiti and her lovely eggplant meal that she made for us!! :)) It really wasn't that great but she is cute and so is her family so i ate it! :) hahahaha

Look who I found at the conference!! My mom!! :)) sweet sweet reunion with Hermana Echard!!! 

This is Christopher... my little child that loves the Book of Mormon... turns out that we have the same birthday!! HOW COOL! :))) HE JUST MAKES ME SO STINKING HAPPY!! 

More pictures of Hermana Echard... sorry! But we were just so happy! 

On our way to another conference with the hijas de Melvin y Haiti!:)) 

This is my comp with her wet pillow.... we were joking around and I might have accidentally dropped her pillow 3 stories out our window and we had to go ask our neighbors for it... all they did was laugh...!! Hahaha oops! But don't worry we are still getting along! :)) 

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