Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Her first Transfer

Last pic of Hermana Echard and I before she left!!!

My new companion and I in a super rich area of our area!! :))) 

Did some deep cleaning for the New Year! Yeah (What!!! Is that my Rachel, the mission has truly changed her)

The first thing of recycling I've seen since I've been here.. no one recycles here.... well no one uses trash cans for that matter.. hahah so yeah it was a miracle. 

Our water was shut off for most of the week so we went on the roof to take water out of the tanks.. long complicated story.. we ended up all soaking wet and had a water fight.. probably should have saved the water.. but we got it back on and going!! Hooorah! I'm grateful for my mother that taught me little crafty ways to fix things..it sure has come in handy!

This is a cute little buggie that we found that someone was fixing up in our area.. and we talked about going surfing.. haha my new comp and I both share such a love for the beach its so fun!! 

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