Monday, February 8, 2016

ME VOY..PARA OCOA! (transfer week/so many pics of saying goodbye)


Well.. this week getting ready for transfers... hermana Barrett and I were so convinced that we were going to stay the same, we knew that another hermana in our house would be leaving. So we were helping her get ready.. then Saturday came, the day of the calls for transfers.. DON DON DON. We waited and waited and waited and waited... and waited until 10:15 pm. Finally the phone rang, we ran into the room and the four of us in the house were huddled around the phone (I don't really know if our phones can be called phones but yeah..) and they announced who the other girls were receiving and going. Then they got to me...and I was just thinking in my head.. yeah I'm staying with Hermana Barrett.. then my District leader said ´´herman Jenson, te extra├▒e alguien de su casa??´´ Do you miss someone from your house!? I was so confused... then hermana Pisconte.. just looks at me and yells HERMANA MIJANGOS!! (she trained herman Pisconte in our house, the hermana from mexico) So then I was even more surprised that I'm going to OCOA!! Its in the south, which is super campo! I wont have cars.. grocery stores.. nada! Hahah but I'll have beaches, mountains, and people! :)) It's the least hot area in our mission, so I'm not too mad..! Hahah, no I have only heard good things about my new area! :)) 

At the same time its been a little sad, because I'm leaving La Yuca and hermana Barrett. We got along so well and were on a roll and found lots of people who were progressing!! This place is amazing with people who I have grown to love. Yesterday we spent all day running around like mad woman saying goodbye.. and wow... no offense family.. but this is a lot harder than it was to say goodbye to you guys! These people have helped me have the testimony I have today and I have been lucky enough to watch them grow in the gospel! :) We have been through a lot..but they will never be forgotten! And hermana Barrett will take care of them! :)) I love LA YUCA! :) 

With that being said... this week we got a new door in our bathroom..and by new door I mean we got one cause there wasn't one before! Hahaha! and we had a noche de hogar(FHE) in the house of president! :)) Ate spaghettis at the house of Arisleyda for the last time! 

I shared my testimony in sacrament meeting because I was leaving. (but I didn't say that I was leaving) And don't you guys worry I still can't share my testimony without crying in sacrament! Hahaha but when I got up there and was talking,  I saw 4 new people walk in 1 is an investigator and 3 menos activos,  It was their first time in church in all my time here... it made me cry even harder, but really was a miracle. I felt so happy to see them there sitting all dressed up nice to sit in the house of the Lord. I felt at that moment so much peace, that this really is the work of the Lord and He will bless us! I was able to see a little bit of the fruits of my labors in my last Sunday here!! 


LOVE YOU GUYS!! have a good week! 

hermana Jenson!! 

new adventures coming soon from Ocoa!! :)) 

Sorry I don't share very much in my emails.. ha I never know what to share.. my mind is always so jumbled right when I sit down to write!! But know I'm good and happier than ever!! 

Oh I forgot a little miracle that happened this week! :)) So hermana Pisconte and I were on exchanges and we were getting ready to leave and we couldn't find our keys, we tore apart the whole house.. and yeah.. haha it was a mess! Then I was like well obviously we should pray.. (I've heard SO many stories about people who have prayed to find there keys) so I said it in a serious manner like we were going to pray but still a little sarcastic.. and so I hurried and said a prayer with hna Pisconte. And then,.. I went to look again and there they were, just sitting on my desk!! Literally 2 seconds after my prayer! Just a little miracle that reminds us that He is always there for us no matter how big or small! :)) God is Good! :))

These are my jovensitos!! :)))) Haha they play basketball with me and the tall skinny one in grey.. he is a recent convert and my favorite human JOEL!! haha 

This is the family Martinez, members, they always would leave to visit people with us and give us Jugo natural! :))) yum yum

This is Guiermo.. the young mens president and probably the coolest guy I've ever met and has a testimony of GOLD!! He is seriously my favorite person in our ward! :)) Hahah

Familia Bletrey....!!! There are 2 more kids but they were sleeping!! :)) menos activo familia! (less active family)

This is Anna.. the mom of one of our investigators, Alexandar, and she is so cute always giving us treats and jugo! and will yell our names from the other side of the street just to say hi!! :))) 

This is the familia ABREYO!! They are part members and we started teaching one daughter and menos activo brother, and Puchi was just recently baptized this last week! :) They are one of a kind and so funny... super blunt and sarcastic.. reminds me of my family at home! :)))) 

This is Joel!! babychito Joel! :)) Haha my bff here!! And our hand hugs! haah 

YESENIA!!! This by far was the hardest goodbye yet.. love this woman with all of my heart and her family! :)) 

This is Lucia... a lady on the street that always gives us water. We call her eezma (like from emperors new groove) hahah she is a little crazy but is so funny and just talks on and on! But I love her with all my heart.!! 

This is Francisco... the most wise man I've ever met, and sweetest! He is an investigator that just needs a little more time and work with the Lord to be baptized but has THEE strongest testimony! 

Our last spaghettis with Arisleyda.. the best spaghettis in the world!! hahaha we ate this whole plate.. :)

This was our intercambios with hermana Pisconte and in the night we got pica pollo!!! :)))) YUMMM!! 

New area that hermana Barrett and I found!! Haha middle of no where!
We thought it would be a good idea to plan out side on the roof... Hahahaha and now my missionary tan lines are even worse! Hahahahah! Whoops! 

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