Monday, February 22, 2016

PIGGIES AND MOUNTAINS!!! (6 months out)

My dear family and friends! Como estan todos?? 

As you guys can probably tell from by my title it was a really good week!! :)) 

It seems as if so much happened this week that I can't remember any of it! But I'm going to try my best! :) 

Okay so some things I forgot to tell you guys about Ocoa... 
I'm dying of freezing cold.. in comparison to the capital, its like a totally different world! I sleep in sweats. 
Also to help paint a picture.. its like a little pit stop, hick town.. but Dominican style! This week I saw a kid washing his horse like a car. 
everyone here has motorcycles... hardly ever we see cars.. I'm constantly reminded of how much Colin would love this place!!! And if they need to transport anything.. its by motorcycles... for example: a bed, 6 people, 50 chickens,! They use donkeys to walk the streets and sell food! :)) 

We live right next to a farm harvest place, and so we buy fresh fruit and vegetables.. I have fruit smoothies every morning for breakfast!

This week we had a district conference and got to travel to Bani, super sprititual!

This coming week we have a conference with all the missionaries!

We went exploring with a member to a new area of our area.. and Wow.. when I say exploring.. I mean HIKING AND CLIMBING! I felt like I shouldn't be in a skirt.. but I forgot my camera so next week I will send  pics! :) Sorry mom! But we hiked this mountain, crossed 2 rivers hopping rocks.. and finally made it to a little pueblo of houses and tons of farm animals!! And BABY PIGS!! We helped them shave some coconut and shared about the gospel with everyone of their houses and have a couple days until we come back and visit this little city in the mountains! There is great potential and a special spirit up there! 

My president sent me this, this week and I wanted to share it with you guys... 

We are climbing mountains but it is important to remember that we are not doing it alone. Jesus Christ has climbed many mountains; the mountain in the desert where he was tempted by Satan, the mountain where he delivered the “Sermon on the Mount” to his disciples, the mount of transfiguration where he received power and the mount of Calvary where he gave his life. As always his message is “Follow me”.
He knows that we have challenges but we have a “Companion” with a lot of climbing experience. He will help you and comfort you. Make him part of your daily climb.

This week I have felt the Lords hand and love in abundance in my life, always remember that we are never alone.. and that He has been there before, He knows, and He lives! 

Have a good week!! Love you all!!

Remember to Read and Pray!! AND GO TO CHURCH! 

Hermana Jenson

This is Yuca... I missed La Yuca (the city) just a little.. no but really this stuff is amazing!:)) 

We had a blind makeover!!

You cant really see mine cause the makeup was white.. but please note that hermana Alas looks like Mulan! :)) I love these girls so much! We have some great fun here!

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