Monday, February 1, 2016

COMPARTIR SU LUZ! (share your light!)

Hola Todos!!!!!!!! :) 

WOW what a week... there seriously is not a dull moment here el la Republica Dominicana! :)) 

First..I completed with 5 months! Wow el tiempo pasó rapidísimo!! I feel like I left yesterday! ... Sorry mom you probably don't feel the same way! haha! 

Second.. this week is transfers..and we don't know, I could leave to  a different area or I could stay here for another transfer... never know! I am just excited for whatever the Lord has in store for me! :) 

THIRD.. funny story for this week we were in a leccion with a family who is awesome!! We can never leave because the father is so interested and has so many questions.. so we were late getting home and they are far away.. so we decided to take a carrito... (taxi-ish) and so we get in and Hna. Barrett looks at me with eyes wider than wide... and tells me ´´mi falda se rompió´´  ´´my skirt ripped´´ and I just start laughing, so if you can imagine I'm just snorting up a storm! There were two men in front and just us two in the back and they kept looking back because all they could hear were my snorts. But still in my head I just thought it was a little rip or something.. NOPE.. her skirt ripped ALL THE WAY UP THE BACK OF HER SKIRT! HAHAH poor girl... so she starts freaking out and it was getting close to our turn to get out. So I tell her to switch me spots so I could stand behind her when we get out, (we switch spots in the carrito and the men start to look at each other like these girls are nutso) then when we get out I spread out my skirt, luckily I had a big skirt on.. and we start to walk to our house.. and she was just taking little skoots.. hahaha and then one of our menos activos (less actives) sees us and tried to come talk to us so we tried pulling it off cool so he wouldn't notice that her skirt was ripped.. haha and finally we made it to the house! Hahah it was just one of the many adventures this week!! :)) 

This week was amazing.. but especially my Sunday yesterday! I love Sundays.. mostly because I get to participate in the sacrament but I was touched by a talk given in our sacrament meeting by a young adult in our ward named Alerkis... he talked about reading the scriptures and prayer, how these things are so simple but really the most important. Sometimes we get caught up in things and forget how simple this gospel really is! And how wonderful! The other thing that he shared that really touched my heart this week was that we are different... we have a light that is different about us as members of the church, it is Special! We are different from the world. it's a good thing to stand out! We need to share the light that we have with every person. The light we have will help us in our way back to our Father in Heaven in this dark dark world! Don't be afraid to share your light with everyone, love the people who don't accept it and keep moving forward. I have a quote like this on the back of my LDM.(BOM) and I am reminded of the light that I am lucky enough to carry and that I need to share it with the world! :)) I encourage each of you to share your light this week with someone! whether it is just saying hi.. helping with groceries..!! SHARE YOUR LIGHT!! :)) THE LIGHT OF CHRIST!! HE LIVES!! 

Guys... this church is so true.. it's as simple as that.. its true! He lives! :))) Use the atonement, read, and pray everyday! I love you all so much!! 

I had some time to read some of your hand written letters to me this week and wow I am SUPER DUPER LUCKY to have family and friends like you guys! I pray for you all!! Thank you!!! 

Hope you all have a great week!! 

con amor 


These are called chimeys!! They are the best food here! :)) hahah 

This is Puchi...he was baptized this week and is the newest member of our ward.. He is the sweetest most friendly person.. Everyone in town knows who he is.. he was taught by the elders and us as hermana's, and is one of our best friends.. We are also teaching his cousin Andrea! Talk about one happy family!! :))) 

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