Monday, February 29, 2016

Don't let me near your sink...

Familia!! Another great and happy week in the service of The Lord! 

Wow this week was for sure filled with adventures and miracles! 
But to start out, at the beginning of the week we were having some sink problems.. Haha seems that this always is my problem, the sink, but someone came to fix it.. at this moment we didn't have water and so he undid the tubes and then realized that he didn't have all the right parts and he would need to return the next morning. So it was all normal until super early in the morning Hna. Mijangos woke up to the sound of rain... but of course it wasn't rain... it was that the water and it had come back on we thought he hadn't shut the water off or anything so we just had water spewing out of a hole in the wall at a million miles an hour in our kitchen!!!! We had pretty much a pool in our kitchen! So we started filling up all the containers that we had to hold water when we didn't have anymore and when all the others filled up we didn't know what to do.. so we started cleaning everything in the house until he got to the house to shut the water off to fix it. It turns out there were more holes in the pipe so the have to break out the wall!! So for the time being we are without water! :)) Haha just one of the many adventures this week! 

I ate chicken feet

There was a centipede in my shower

I completed with 6 meses!!

I had to do something for my visa this week so we had to go to the capital and we slept in the mission home, and ate pizza!! :)) 

Celebrated dia de independencia here!! 27 de febrero! 

We had a conference of zones this week and Wow I learned so much! I learned how to be a better missionary and help these people in Ocoa grow their testimonies!! 

We found a family of 5 this last week and we came back to visit them and they had followed up with al their commitments and  read everything we left them and are more excited and animated for the Gospel!!! We are so stoked! They really are everything you want as a missionary! 

We saw so many miracles this week and I saw more in abundance the Lords hand in my life and the life of all these people here in Ocoa! :)) 

Don't forget to read your scriptures and say your prayers as a FAMILY!! 
I love you family! Never forget it! 


One embarrassing moment that I had this week! Oh gosh... so we were contacting this family.. and I asked the dad what his name was and he said "bienvenidos" and I said "oh muchísimo gracias, pero cual es su nombre". And he said "bienvenidos"... and my companion just died  laughing, beinvenidos in spanish.. means "welcome"!! and I thought he was telling us "welcome to our house"..so I said thank you and asked him what his name was again... but no, it really was his name.. hahahaha!!!        I don't know if this is really funny but to us it was!!

Street sign says 27 de Febrero.. which is Independence Day!! :))

My mom and I and hermana Mijangos at the conference of zones! 

I made crepes for my housemates!! THEIR FIRST TIME!! !HAHA wow imagine yourself.. a life without crepes! :( 

Cards from my housemates!! :))) 6 MESES!! WOOT WOOT! 

This is a food that a member made for us! its platanos with mango yuca.. papas.. fish.. and avacado.. onions.. and peppers! hahah with chocolate milk! 

Rudy.. he is 12 years old and my bff!!! He reminds me exactly of my nephew Corbin! We are always joking around!! 

This is Eliahi! Haha she calls me her mom! She always says exactly what I say and helps us read the scriptures with her mom.. who is an investigator! :)) 

This is the member family where we ate... the boys love us and were showing us around their yard.. hahah the turtles name is Gracie! :)) 

And this is the hole in the wall that we had water spewing out of!! 

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