Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Wow. Hello.. Can I just tell you guys how grateful I am to be a representative of Jesus Christ!!

This week:

*I learned how to cook the "Bandera" typical Dominican food.. arroz w/con con, habichuelas, y pollo!!! yum yum! from one of our investigators Dignora! :) 

*Dignora has a really bad leg.. with a really bad disease.. but she was at church this week FOR THE FIRST TIME! It was a total surprise and I was so happy I almost screamed in the middle of sacrament! Oops! 

*We went to Parra.. its an area even father in the mountains than we already are... like 45 minutes walking across a river then straight up a mountain (I didn't know I could sweat so much) but I can! :) Hahaha this area is closed.. because practically all the area is baptized but all menos activos. So we go there once a week to reactivate! But we can't teach anyone new there!  But its beautiful and there are members there that are so faithful and shine with the light of Christ!

*I have an ear infection! :) but don't worry mom I got some medicine.. haha from a Dominican pharmacy.... buenooooo

This week I learned a lot about companionship's..that we have in this life and the spiritual companionship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! :) One, that we are never alone.. He is Always there for us no matter how alone we may feel in this world. NEVER lose this personal companionship with The Lord! Remember He is there for you always and loves you. I was reading in Mateo.. Mathew... and when the Lord is walking on water and Pablo (Paul) goes to walk out to him but starts to sink the first thing that The Lord does is reach out His hand.. then he talks to Pablo and asks why he has little faith... but it wasn't because he had little faith that the Lord just let him sink... no matter what we do, think,say, The Lord will have His hand stretched out always for you!!! The Atonement is real and the plan of our Father in Heaven is true! Tell everyone you know about it! :))) 

I know it! :)) and because of it I am who I am .... HAPPY! 

Love you all have a good week! 

Hermana Jenson

This is a part of my area... THE MOUNTAINS ARE BEAUTIFUL!

These are the pigs that live next to an investigators house.. the MAMA and her little babies!! I love them! And my comp hates them! Hahah

Me and my mom.. last time we will see each other until I return home! 

 My mom came to visit.. well to say goodbye.This was one of her areas.. and this is all the hermanas

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