Monday, May 2, 2016

April showers bring.. well..more showers!

Well this week I was soaking wet.... all week long! We have had crazy terrible storms here everyday starting at two. The exact hour that we need to leave to teach! Haha (satan) But we go out anyways, and return soaking wet. I have looked like a wet poodle all week! 

+wore plastic bags on my head
+blow dried my scriptures cause they got soaking wet
+crossed giant rivers
+jumped in every puddle I could this week! 
+also my comp and I on our way home this week found snails.. like giant ones and we ended up taking 8 of them home and naming them after everyone in our district.. and then we forgot about them woke up the next day... and they were all gone.. .so now we have 8 snails in our house somewhere.. hahhah! wooops.

But most importantly we were able to watch my dearest Carla enter into the waters of baptism this week! :) Despite terrible storms and huge difficulties these last few months I was able to see a true conversion in one special daughter of God. She is so strong and so sweet one little thing after her baptism. I was waiting for her when she got out with her towel and she just looked at me with tears in her eyes opened her arms and says ¨Give me a wet hug right now, Thank you so much¨ then later that night we were walking her home and she just looks at me and asked me if I would help her prepare for her next step.. Her mission! I almost couldn't answer her! I love her so much and how much she loves this Gospel! :)) She is going to do great things in her life!:)) 

The rest of our zone also had baptisms this week.. we called it a NOCHE BLANCA... White Night?? ha sounds weird in inglish! But everyone wears all white! :)) 

This week is transfers so I will be receiving a new companion... don don don! Because my comp is ending her mission! 

I don't have much time! But i will after the mission!!:)) Love you all!! and I'lll talk to you on Sunday!! WHAHOOO!! CANT WAIT TO SEE YOUR FACES!!:)))

Love you all with all that I got!! 


Carla and I! :))))

¨Do a funny face¨ I think my funny face embarrassed her..!!! Haha we were dying laughing! 

Carla leaving the font! 


When we went to Parra and it started storming.. this our branch president president Sierra.. he is sooo funny!

The branch!!! I LOVE THIS FAMILY OF MINE!:)))) 

Wet day number 1 

Wet day number 2  this is Anairis. She is so awesome and loves to teach with us all the time! 

This is the river we had to cross.

How we felt after we got across!!:)) with hermana Larson! 

Yay my housemates are awesome and I have 8 months in the mission

Haha little bugs in our water.. maybe why I had an ear infection! Don't worry all is good now!! :))

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