Monday, August 22, 2016


Hey Everyone! :) 

This week has been the hottest week of my mission every time I knelt to pray I had to fight to stay on my knees because they were sweating to much I was slipping and sliding all over the place! But there is a hurricane coming this week so we are praying that it will cool off.. I don't know if the rest of the people here are praying for the hurricane but I sure am !!!

We have been working with a few families that are Haitian and live next door to each other. This week with one of the families we taught the plan of salvation, expressed the amazing power and truths that families can be together forever, and at the end they accepted a baptismal date and they said a very spirit filled kneeling prayer at the end. When we came back on Saturday, they saw us coming and pulled out their chairs and had their pamphlets out and were ready with questions! I love seeing this gospel brighten up peoples lives! It makes me remember over and over again the light that the gospel brings me in my life! In working with a lot of families we talk about eternal relationships a lot.. and this week in relief society we talked about eternal relationships. I am so grateful for the eternal relationships that I will be able to have with my family, but more importantly for the opportunity that I have now in my mission to strengthen my eternal relationship with my Savior in heaven, and our God! I love them and I testify that they live!

I love my mission. every second of it! I hope you guys can feel the love of our Redeemer this week and can recognize the light the gospel brings each of us!   

Remember that Gods miracles are limited to our faith! Love, hermana Jenson
 Berline doing my hair!!! :))

My comp and I at the Bishops house!! So nice!! I haven't been on a couch in so long! Haha

Wilson and his girlfriend that is going to church and taking the lessons in Haiti!! Haha I love him so much!!

The girlfriend of Miguel Angel brought us treats to our lesson!!! Haha so yummy!! 

My daughter eating my mangos!! hahahah

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